Becoming Mr. Right


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By Michael Daniels
133 pages
Ages 14 to adult

How does a young man navigate the fragile network of relationships in our culture today? Before thinking about finding the right girl, he should consider how he can become the right guy. This book provides a helpful roadmap for young men as they pursue God-honoring relationships.

Sharing his own testimony of how the Lord helped him with contentment, purity, temptation, singleness, and friendships, Michael Daniels shares his story of how God worked in his life and brought him together with his wife. He gives practical tips for wise relationships, treating sisters with purity, resisting temptation, preparing for marriage, and pursuing Christ above all else.

Chapter One: Your Most Important Relationship
Chapter Two: The Man to Become
Chapter Three: Contentment
Chapter Four: Establishing Purity
Chapter Five: Practical Preparations
Chapter Six: Helping Your Fellow Sisters
Chapter Seven: Rethinking “Love”
Chapter Eight: Marriage-Mindedness
Chapter Nine: The Woman to Find
Chapter Ten: Initiating a Relationship
Chapter Eleven: Conduct in a Relationship
Chapter Twelve: Your Future Role
Chapter Thirteen: Marriage is Not the End Goal
Appendix A: Preparing to Provide
Appendix B: Singleness
Appendix C: Breaking Up

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