The 21 Tenets of Biblical Masculinity


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Biblical masculinity has all but disappeared in our modern day culture. Satan has systematically targeted the tenets of Biblical manhood, eliminating them one by one from our society. The void left has been filled with a carnal, corrupt and confusing idea of what true masculinity really is. The 21 Tenets of Biblical Masculinity presented in this booklet brings scriptural clarity and sound conviction on a subject too long ignored. -Jerry L. Ross

Table of Contents
Tenet 1: Young men must embrace opportunities to develop their natural strength in the performance of physical labor.
Tenet 2: Young men should master a marketable, wage-earning trade in their youth.
Tenet 3: Young man should be assigned jobs that require courage.
Tenet 4: Young men should never abuse an assigned position of authority by using it for selfish gain or self-gratification.
Tenet 5: Young men should be trained in proper communication.
Tenet 6: Young men should not hesitate to draw their swords against evil.
Tenet 7: A young man should seek counsel from his elders, not his peers.
Tenet 8: Young men should consistently praise the Lord.
Tenet 9: Young men should remember that, no matter how physically strong they are, a far superior, supernatural strength can be accessed by learning to wait upon the Lord.
Tenet 10: Young men should seek God in their youth with the understanding that the God/young man relationship may be the most potent available to them in their lifetime.
Tenet 11: A young man should seek his Spirit vision.
Tenet 12: Young men should understand that God calls out, from their ranks, His prophets in every generation.
Tenet 13: Young men should learn from aged men the four disciplines of Christian maturity. (Disciplined Thinking, Reputable Living, Pure Convictions, Excellent Speech)
Tenet 14: Young men should master three vital masculine skills. (Overcoming Satanic Attacks, Developing Spiritual Strength, Internalizing Scriptural Truth)
Tenet 15: Young men must learn to face and defeat giants.
Tenet 16: Young men must learn that there are sins linked to youthfulness that will cause them great struggles.
Tenet 17: A young man should practice chivalry.
Tenet 18: A young man should marry in his youth, and should discover all of the pleasures of woman through one woman—the wife of his youth.
Tenet 19: Young men should understand the importance of bearing a yoke in their youth, and the danger of an unequal yoke.
Tenet 20: Young men should counter the natural inclination of older men to undervalue their youthfulness by showing stellar character in six important areas.(Excellent Speech, Mature Behavior, Selfless Love, Good Attitude, Sincere Faith, Wholesome Purity)
Tenet 21: Young men should absorb the wisdom found in the book of Proverbs.

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