The Teenage Years of Jesus Christ


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124 pages
By Jerry Ross

Discover the priorities of Jesus Christ when He was a teenager here on earth. Are they the same as yours? This book is recommended for teenagers, parents, youth workers, and pastors.

Here is the introduction from the book: As a Christian teenager, how many times have you thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if the Gospels contained some record of the teenage years of Jesus? Why didn’t God lead those who penned the Scriptures to include some stories of the Lord as a teenager? What was He like? How did He spend His time? What was important to Him?

As a youth pastor and parent, I’ve asked these questions—and more! Perhaps the most repeated statement that I make to the young people of our church is, “The ultimate goal of the Christian life is to be like Jesus!” Wouldn’t it be easier for our teens to achieve Christ-likeness if they had some idea what He was like as a teenager? I have good news. It’s right there in the Gospels in black and white. And, as you would expect from Christ, it is life changing.

In the following pages I will present a scriptural examination of the teenage years of Jesus. I have written this book as if I were writing to one of my own teenagers. I will be straightforward and honest with you and, at times, maybe painfully blunt. I have found that most teens would rather hear the truth from a preacher than have their ears tickled.

Are you ready? “The ultimate goal of the Christian life is to be like Jesus!”

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