No Little Places


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By David Dunlap
240 pages

From the back:
Is a big church really more effective than a small church?

This is one of the Devil’s great lies. God has designed small New Testament churches to be among His most powerful weapons in reaching the world for Christ. Small churches are faith action teams that impact the world for Christ. Christians think that the pastor or church leader is to do all the preaching, serving, teaching and worshipping, while everyone else just stands idly by. There is nothing further from the truth!

This is a book that challenges that conventional thinking and dares you to get involved in a small church. Christians are believer-priests that worship, witnesses that reach the lost, teachers that instruct, and laborers that work as the Lord directs. There is no better place to be stretched by God. There is no better place to grow spiritually. I dare you to pour yourself into the work of a small assembly and make an impact for eternity!

This book No Little Places discusses various aspects of serving God in a small church and presents them in language that any person can understand. The topics discussed include:

  • I Dare You to Get Involved in a Small Assembly
  • No More Casual Prayer
  • Worship and the Lord’s Supper
  • The Challenge of Personal Evangelism

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