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Your No-Nonsense Guide to Understanding Its Authenticity and Credibility

The Christian faith rises or falls on the historical credibility of the Bible, particularly the New Testament documents. In today’s post-modern culture, Christians and those searching for answers face numerous questions including:

• Are the New Testament writings historically reliable?
• How do we know those books are authoritative?
• Who decided which documents to include?
• What about the apocryphal or deutero-canonical writings?
• Can we know for certain that the Bible is accurate and complete?

This book reduces the large volume of available (yet very technical) information on the subject by providing a concise analysis of the facts to help you gain confidence in the credibility of the New Testament canon.

About the Author:
Chuck Gianotti (Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary) has worked in fulltime ministry for over 26 years, serving as an elder, speaker/teacher, discipler, and shepherd. He is an adjunct instructor at Kawartha Lakes Bible College in Canada, founder and editor of Elders’ ShopNotes (an international publication ministering to elders), and author of various books, articles and pamphlets.

Table of Contents:
Read This First!
Chapter 1  Introduction
Chapter 2  The Need for Credibility
Chapter 3  An Historical Overview of the Resources
Chapter 4  Apostolic Authority of the Gospels
Chapter 5  Apostolic Authority of Acts and the Letters
Chapter 6  Influencing the Spread
Chapter 7  The Apostolic Fathers
Chapter 8  The Later Church Fathers
Chapter 9  The Non-Canonical Writings
Chapter 10  The Canon and Church Authority
Chapter 11  Formatting the Texts
Chapter 12  Putting It All Together
Chapter 13  What Difference Does It Make?
Chapter 14  Conclusion
Postscript:  Faith & History

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