Bright Lights Office

New Neighbors


No one complained when we learned that a chocolate shop was moving in next door to our Bright Lights office / Noah’s Archive Christian Bookstore. Shelby, Hannah, Nickie and I went over this afternoon to give them some business!

On the other side of our office, we have the world’s best pizza shop (famous in our area) and behind us we have a super cute bakery and very popular coffee house. *Sigh* So blessed. =}

20140910_114515_29708 Today Shelby put up some letters that my dad recently ordered so we can have Bible verses on our big front windows. We’re grateful for all that Shelby and Hannah do when they come in to volunteer.

After an eventful week with family last week, we are now getting back into a routine. I will resume posting a few more reports from England soon.


  1. Hi Grace,
    I started a blog, so right now its not that good, but I was wondering if you could do a blog post (I’ll include the link) so people will see it? Thanks! P.S. I include the link to your blog, on my blog, under blogs I like to read.

  2. You are blessed! I was going to say lucky but I guess that is not the write word. : ) Hope you are all well and I am excited to hear more about your time in England!
    Love Susannah

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