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Michigan Homeschool Conference

Our trip started out at 4am Thursday morning when dad ran over our mail box. I don’t think he had had his coffee yet at that point. Dad was so tired…he had been up most of the night packing.
I was just glad I didn’t do it. My family would probably never let me drive again. [smile]

Thankfully, my mom managed to keep Dad awake through the rest of the journey and we arrived safely in Michigan around 5:30pm. This left us almost enough time to get our booth all set up before the convention center closed for the night.

Here Sarah and Stephen are reviewing our session that is a sequel to our original talk on “Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends”. This session is called “Peace Treaties in the Living Room”.

I made the mistake of ordering a huge taco pizza (named β€œthe beast” by the pizza shop). It hardly fit through the door of our hotel room! We ate it for like the next 4 meals so it wouldn’t go to waste. Yeah…it got pretty dry by the end. It began to taste like cardboard with refried beans and wilted lettuce on top… [smile] Somehow I forgot the resolution Sarah, Stephen and I had made to not order too much pizza when we are in a hotel so we don’t have to eat leftover pizza forever…

Sarah speaking on “Raising Pure Daughters in a Generation of Darkness”.

Overall, we were very encouraged after this conference. It was exciting to see the Lord’s hand. We were also pretty tired, but it was the “good” kind of tired.

I love it how they let us pull our whole van and trailer into the convention hall to load up. This made the packing process so much quicker!

Tonight after we were packed up, we toured the location of our upcoming Bright Lights conferences— in Lansing, MI, planned for August 11-12 and 13-14.

After touring the church, we went out for dinner with those who are hosting the conference. We talked over details, laughed a lot, and had a very nice time.


  1. My dad ran over a mailbox last year…:0) He was watching my brother run, thought he fell and forgot to watch where he was going and crunch! I am glad that the trip went well…it looks really neat!

  2. Hello, this question is for anybody who knows to answer…what is the symbol πŸ™ stand for? Thanks!

  3. Hi, It’s me again! As soon as I pushed “subbit” I found out what the symbol I typed in was! I didn’t know it made a face come up!

  4. Wow, it sounds like the trip got a very “interesting” start. πŸ™‚
    I’m so glad the conference went well.
    Just out of curiosity, what has the weather been like in Iowa? Here in Connecticut — Well, last week it rained (down-poured) for the last half of the week and it was supposed to do the same this week. But, praise the Lord! it is Sunny and the temps are in the 70’s instead of 50’s. It is a beautiful spring day! πŸ™‚
    These kinds of days just remind me that our God is such an awesome Creator, and His Creation, sure is beautiful.
    Sorry, I kind of changed the subject, but I was just curious and that’s what the Lord has just been impressing on me today, HIS beauty!
    Blessings, Kelley

  5. Hi Kelley!
    Thanks for asking. The weather was BEAUTIFUL today! 70’s I think. My dad cut the grass for the first time this year. I weed-wacked. πŸ™‚
    We planted a lot of tulips last year and now they’re in bloom all over our yard.
    I agree, it’s awesome to see the beauty of spring and to be personal friends with the One who made all this!
    I wonder what evolutionists think about flowers. How could one conclude they are just an accident?!
    Anyway, I think the Lord is pleased when we notice and marvel at these beautiful things He’s made. Life is too short to not smell the flowers.

    Talk to you later, Kelley!

  6. Hi Grace,
    That is an interesting thought about “what evolutionists think about flowers.” Flowers are so beautiful and they do have that ability to strike a cord in you about the awesome beauty of God’s creation. So, what do evolutionists think when they see such beauty and have to assume that it all just “happened”, that there wasn’t a Creator? It’s a very interesting thing to think about.
    Love, Kelley

  7. Hi Grace, this is Haley and Laurel. We accidentley lost your e-mail adress while traveling from orlando to St. Petersburg. Please send us it and I hope you still have ours.

  8. Hi Grace it is Haley and Laurel again. Here is our e-mail adress, (admin edit)

    God Bless,Haley Skrnich πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Grace it is Haley skrnich again. Here is our e-mail adress, (admin edit)

    God Bless,Haley Skrnich πŸ™‚

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