My dad wore a very special tie today … a tie my mom made him about 43 years ago. He told people they were celebrating the 70’s today. (They were married June 3rd, 1972)
So grateful to God for my parents.

IMG_5631 The tag on the back of the tie


  1. God bless you 2 & your lovely family. We are married almost 41 years & have our 1st granddaughter! You’ll have one soon!

  2. God has blessed your faithfulness to Him!

    Our 35th Anniversary will be July 26th.

    The desire of my heart is that all ten of our children, their spouses/former spouses, and our eleven grandchildren can be together on that date to celebrate, and for a time of Family Restoration! (Joel 2:25.)

    It will take an absolute miracle, as there are broken relationships and estrangements. Our family is all over the world and the U.S. Some are no longer walking with the Lord.

    My mother’s heart is shattered!

    I am asking for fervent prayer from the Body of Christ, that the Lord will restore the years that the locust hath eaten, and supernaturally bring us all together on July 26th!

    Thank you dearly,

    Lorraine Rose Decker

    I am asking for fervent prayer

  3. Wow… it’s been a long time. The Lord brought the precious Mally family to mind today, and how special it was to open this page and find your two dear faces that I haven’t seen in years! Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple and a beautiful example for others. Even though we haven’t talked in forever (it seems), just know, you have friends in Ocala, FL that still think of you often! Still thankful to the Lord our paths crossed all those years ago!
    Also… I confess, I read the other posts to you all, and my heart aches for the one above. Our family has endured the single most toughest trial I have ever faced in my life (including death), but God proved Himself so faithful and so good, even in my weakened state. Trust Him in your darkest hours, friends. It sounds so simple, but those enduring the toughest times know it can be a hurdle to overcome. But do… He is worthy and more than able! My prayers are being lifted to our Father’s throne as I finish this for that family. <3
    Much love & hugs to the Mally Family!
    The Osbornes
    Randy, Ann, & the Bright Lights – Heather & Allison 🙂

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