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Haley Experiences Iowa Cold

We are so grateful to Haley for the countless ways she has been a support and blessing to the Bright Lights ministry for the past 7 years.

IMG_9025 She normally volunteers from her home in Texas (For example, one of her recent projects was the Simplified Bright Lights Songbook), but we were delighted that she was able to spend about 10 days with us in Iowa at the beginning of January.

IMG_9021 The only problem was that it was a little colder here than she expected. I’m not sure she ever acclimated. 🙁
Here were her remarks after we went sledding in 3 degree F weather. (Her idea, by the way. 🙂 )

We love you, Haley. Thank you for everything! (And sorry you missed our weather here yesterday, it was -9.)


  1. Down here in Tx, we don’t get much cold or snow:) One year we got a little bit of a flurry, but never extreme cold. 30’s is freezing to us LOL


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