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Gas Station Clerk and Dinosaurs

It was late at night when my dad and I stopped at this gas station. (We were on our way home from the Bible Quizzing event.) We walked in and the only one we saw inside was the worker sweeping the floor.

“Hello,” I greeted him as I walked in.
“Hey there,” he said and smiled.
“How are you?” I asked casually.
“Oh, I’m doing fine, thanks,” he replied.
“Is it okay if we use your restroom?” my dad asked.
“Sure, we’re open ‘til eleven!” he replied.
“Ok, thanks!” we said.

As we were leaving, he was standing behind the counter. We greeted him again and I pulled a dinosaur pamphlet out of my purse.
“Here’s something for you to read,” I explained, “We don’t think we came from monkeys…”
He smiled and nodded.
“We think we were created, by God, for a reason. But often people only hear one side of the debate and public schools only teach evolution…” I said.
He commented and agreed.
“…So we are trying to teach the other side,” I said. “And, you know, there is a lot of evidence for design and a Creator. Dinosaurs are one of them,” I mentioned, glancing at the pamphlet I had just laid on his counter. “The Bible actually talks about dinosaurs and there’s evidence that they didn’t live so long ago—but that they lived during the same time as man,” I said.
“Really?” he exclaimed as he raised his eyebrows.
“Yeah, archeologists have actually found fossils of dinosaur bones with blood vessels still preserved in them—which shows us that they couldn’t have been millions of years old like some people say,” I said.

My dad joined the conversation and added, “And, you know, all over the world there are legends of dragons. And they all describe similar things. That’s because those were dinosaurs.”
That made sense to the cashier. He nodded in agreement.
We said a few more things and then left.
“I’m going to read this little booklet!” the cashier warmly told us as we walked out.

Question: When did this “witnessing encounter” begin? It didn’t begin when we gave him the tract. It began when we walked in and gave him a warm friendly greeting and that opened a door for us to easily converse with him again as we were leaving. It was a good reminder for me to purpose to be friendly everywhere I go.


  1. Thanks for sharing the story, Grace! It is always encouraging- and convicting- to hear other witnessing stories. I had a couple interesting experiences today using the million dollar tracts. People are almost always receptive…it is such a privilege to be able to share the gospel with others!

  2. Hello Grace,

    I’m so glad that God is working through you and and your family to plant the “seeds of the Gospel” in others’ hearts. Still praying for the BL ministry! 😉 Preserved blood vessels in dinosaur bones is a very interesting fact… Does it say this in the tract you handed the cashier?



  3. Thanks for posting your witnessing experiance Grace!
    I’m always so encouraged to read about others witnessing encounters.:)
    Where did you get the booklet about dinosaurs?

    On a slightly different subject…..
    Do you still have your St. Patrick’s Day tract available to read and print?
    I ran across your St. Patrick’s day post, but when I clicked on the link I could not get the tract to come up.
    Thanks and God Bless,

  4. Ooops, I just looked at your post again, and noticed that you provided the link to the dinosaur booklet.

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