Radiant Purity Conferences/Strong in the Lord Conf.

First Radiant Purity Conference!

Something very special happened last weekend… Our first-ever Radiant Purity Conference was held in Alexandria, Minnesota! It was for girls 12 and up, and included topics such as modesty, dangers with the dating system, how to handle crushes, learning to delight in the Lord as our Prince, being open with our parents, waiting on the Lord, and having a life purpose bigger than marriage. The conference also included 2 chalk-talks, skits, wedding video clips, singing, discussion groups, and mother’s sessions.

This conference was a dream-come-true for us and many others. It was so exciting to see it all happen and see God’s hand working! Personally, I was challenged, refreshed, and exhausted when it was over.

We brought about a dozen older girls who are leaders in our Bright Lights group in Cedar Rapids. They led the discussion groups, ran registration, worked at the book table, acted in skits, shared testimonies, led the singing, and helped with set up and tear down. We’ve all learned a lot about how to work together as a team, how to run conferences as smoothly as possible, and how to rely on God’s power.

Hearing practical testimonies and teaching from real girl’s lives was encouraging to everyone.

I think it’s exciting to share ways we saw the Lord’s hand at work. Here are a few examples:

    – Dan Macy, who hosted the conference, found a large facility in his area that he thought would be perfect for holding a conference. As he began to work with this church, he ran into complications and things just didn’t work out. He expressed to us how it seemed like a death of a vision. Mr. Macy realized that the only way this conference could happen is if someone who attended this church would be willing to host it. He began to pray. One day as he was explaining his idea of a Bright Lights conference to another homeschool father, this father replied, “Well, I go to that church and I’d be willing to help host it and work all the details out for you!” The church facility was beautiful and worked wonderfully.
    – The Lord’s timing was perfect. Since Sarah had just written Before You Meet Prince Charming last year, it was much easier to plan the material and content for this new conference, drawing from the book.
    – Sarah had been secretly praying for 400 attendees. We had 127 register at the door, bring attendance number to 405.
    – Stephen came up with a new nifty computer system for registration at this conference. He got it all set up and trained our registrars. About a half hour before the conference as everyone started coming, the computer system crashed. Let’s just say that is not what we wanted to happen, especially with lots of people registering at the door. But the Lord came through, the computers started working, and registration went smoothly.
    – Video clips, sound, lighting, special effects and PowerPoint all worked even though they got us worried at times!
    – My mom and a good friend Kay Baskerville were teaching the mother’s sessions. As they talked about what to speak on, they found that the Lord had placed the exact same thing on both of their hearts to share with the mothers.

Laura Sisson, Grace Mally, and Elyssa Ertz in our “Old Fashioned Skit”

Elyssa Ertz, Laura Sisson and Nickie Biegler in a skit Friday night


  1. That is wonderful Grace! I’m so glad to hear that teaching is being done on these kinds of topics for girls – there’s a great need in this area! May the Lord richly bless you and your family as you serve Him in this way.

  2. Wow! how exciting! It is so encouraging to read of how the Lord took care of every detail (even down to going just over the attendance that Sarah was praying for!). What a great God we serve!


    P.S. Grace, I love that picture of you girls acting out a skit… :o)What fun!

  3. I love your insight and the Glory you give to the Lord. Keep up the good work.

  4. Grace, thanks so much for the great website. I am so glad the Lord worked all things out for the conference. It is especially an encouragement to see what great things the Lord has done as your family has committed to seeking God’s kingdom first. Thanks for the blessing!

  5. Wow!

    Congratulations! It is so cool seeing God use your family to change a culture. We are so encourage by the news of the conference. As I looked at the pictures I was moved by all the young ladies looking for something different then society has considered normal. Over 400 young people looking for a higher standard. My family also notice how purity radiates from the young ladies in the pictures. Great Job! May the Lord continue to bless you and breathe in to your sails!

  6. I was so excited to find this site and am thrilled that the Lord blessed your conference so much. Perhaps someday you will come a bit closer to MS. (hint, hint) Keep up the wonderful work!

  7. I have been recently broken by the Lord and have had to do some self-reflection and realized that I would real like to speak to younger girls why they need to respect there bodies, have morals and values. I didnt know how to do this until I heard on K-Love(a radio station) that there where purity confrences. I new that this was the answer to all my ideas of how to reach young girls. I am 31 and a single mom, I have been in and out of so many relationships some abusive. I had wonderfull parents and was raised in the church but, I was never told anything about men, wich ones to stay away from and why its important to wait. I do not have regrets. I have a beautifull boy and have learned many lessons but, the world is so over populated with to many single-moms and something needs to be said and I want to say it! If you could give me advice on how to get this going in my church in OKC they would be great. Thanks so much!

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