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Field Trip to Noah’s Archive

This morning we had a sweet group of homeschoolers come in to Noah’s Archive on a Field Trip. They are studying Noah’s Ark this week.

They had some cute things to ask and say after my dad’s little presentation:

“Did Noah use animals to build the ark?”
“Why did they use gopher wood?”
“Maybe they used gophers [to build the ark] because it was [made out of] gopher wood…”
“Maybe there isn’t gopher wood anymore because they used it all up to build the ark!”
“Could the dinosaurs break through the wood of the ark?”



Of course, the group also tackled some bigger questions such as, “Where did all the water come from?”, “Where did the water go?”, “What about the Ice Age after the flood?”, “How did all the animals fit on the ark?”, and “How do we know there were dinosaurs on the ark?”

It’s exciting that God has given us good answers to all of these questions.



  1. Awwwww! Well, I admit, I have had all these(and way more ridiculous ones!) questions before! But unlike these children, I’ve never asked anyone about them.

    GB your ministry!

    <3 Charis

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