Dr. John Whitcomb in Cedar Rapids!

We were so honored to have Dr. Whitcomb speak to us in Cedar Rapids last weekend. We want the body of Christ in our town to be well grounded in Creation Science, and we were excited to see over 12 churches represented! We were also very grateful to the Jurgensmeiers and New Life Community Church for letting us use their building! You can watch his sessions from the weekend here or on our church website here.

Dr. Whitcomb is 86 years old now but still going strong traveling and teaching the Bible! What an example! Dr. Whitcomb is an expert on Noah’s Flood and is widely known because of his work on The Genesis Flood, which he coauthored with Henry Morris in 1961. This book has been credited as one of the major catalysts for the modern Biblical creationism movement. It also had a dramtic influence in my dad’s life when he read it back in 1973.

We loved Dr. Whitcomb’s gentle, knowledgable, relevent, Christ-honoring messages. And we loved being able to get acquainted with him a little behind the scenes as well…

Many are unaware of some of Dr. Whitcomb’s secret talents…such as his special whistling abilities. 🙂

Though the weekend turned out wonderfully, we definitely had some unexpected “trauma” along the way! Saturday morning, Dr. Whitcomb told us he was feeling a little dizzy. After he spoke, my dad took him to the doctor, who sent him to the hospital in an ambulance because of shortness of breath and suspicious signs. You can imagine our concern as we passed the prayer request along our church’s prayer chain! Dr. Whitcomb never lost his calm spirit, though, and my mom told me about some of the jokes he was making in the hospital. Dr. Whitcomb was praying that he would still be able to speak that night, but we were sure it wouldn’t be a possibility and arranged a replacement. But after a few hours, Dr. Whitcomb was feeling much better, the tests returned with good results, and the hospital released him. We called his wife who responded, “If he wants to speak, by all means, let him speak!” It turned out to be a wonderful evening session. Praise God who answers prayer!

As we were dropping Dr. Whitcomb off, he told us, “Someone must have been praying for this weekend!”
We told him, “A LOT of people were praying for this weekend!”
He told us, “Maybe in Heaven we will learn all the things God did because people were praying.”
We agreed.
Then He added, “And we hope He doesn’t tell us all the things He didn’t do because we didn’t pray!”
Wow. What a good reminder to be on our knees!

“Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” John 16:24

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16


  1. Grace,
    Thanks for posting! It sounds like you had a very nice weekend with Dr. Whitcomb. I love his quote at the end of your post…so true and eye-opening!
    Also, I can’t submit this comment without mentioning that the outfit you are wearing in those photos is so *cute*! I love the necklace, skirt, your hair, everything. I am encouraged to see examples of beautiful yet modest outfits. =) Thanks!
    May the Lord bless you today.
    In Christ,
    2 Samuel 12:24

  2. Grace,
    What a blessing that you had Dr. Whitcomb speak! We have been blessed by his messages and defense of Creation.
    Thank you for your dedication to encouraging so many young girls in the Lord. May the Lord greatly bless you!
    In Him,

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