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Additions to the Creation Museum!

Over 500,000 have been through the Creation museum since they opened in April of 2007. On our way home from Michigan, my dad and I stopped in for half a day. They have added so much since we were last there in February! We enjoyed visiting the new petting zoo, new cafes, and the well-designed gardens, waterfalls, walkways and bridges beautifying the museum grounds.

Here is the zonkey. (A mix between a zebra and donkey.) This illustrates Genesis 1:25 where it says “God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.”

The camel was rather…um… affectionate. I had camel slobber on my shirt all day.

My dad had to lecture the camel on his behavior. 🙂

Every time we are at the Creation museum we get so excited about what God is doing there. If you haven’t been through yet, you must make it a priority to go!

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Volunteering at the Answers in Genesis Museum

The reason I haven’t updated this blog in a while is because I’ve been away this December volunteering at the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum. It felt like I was living in a different world but I loved it. Some of the highlights were getting to know many of the staff who work there (they were very warm, friendly, fun, and enthusiastic about the ministry), visiting with guests, and learning more about how the museum operates. I was so excited about this oportunity. It’s awesome how the Lord gives us surprises and variety along our path as we serve Him.

Here I am feeding the Chameleon. Can you see him?


Creation Museum/Miscellaneous

We visited the new Answers in Genesis Museum!


We visited the Answers in Genesis Museum 2 weeks ago as we were passing through Kentucky. Our experience there exceeded our expectations, and our expectations were already high!

The first thing we went to was the “planetarium”. As we entered the dark, round theater, I learned that we’d be reclining in our chairs and watching the ceiling! The 15-20 minute show on stars and galaxies was really incredible. I knew the universe was huge and immeasurable, but seeing this mathematical and visual description of the universe caused me to grasp how amazing and beyond our comprehension it really is, bringing much glory to it’s Creator. And Genesis records their creation in only 5 simple words! (“…he made the stars also” Gen. 1:16)

Next, we went through the “Men in White” special effects theater, which was a lot of fun. In a lighthearted way it clearly presented many answers to the questions and objections people face in school and in everyday life regarding Creation science and the purpose of man.

From there we started our “walk through history”. It began with a look at the current state of brokenness and suffering in families and nations. Then it jumped back in time and walked us through the Garden of Eden, the fall and it’s effects, Noah’s ark, after the flood, Tower of Babel, how mankind then spread through the earth, etc. The museum holds up God’s Word as the all-time source of infallible truth and illustrates how clearly science does confirm Genesis in every way. It teaches thousands of interesting facts and evidences via videos, posters, scaled-down models, and life size displays. It’s amazing how much you can learn after spending one day there! There were anamatronic dinosaurs (kind of scary if you get close to them while they roar at you 🙂 ), and many realistic looking sculpted people and animals.

Near the end of the museum is the “Last Adam Theater”, which was one of my favorite parts. After coming out we ate a great lunch at the Noah’s Ark Café, and looked through their large bookstore. We walked back to the van through the nicely landscaped trails and the bridge over the lake.

Some say it’s hard to believe they made the whole museum for only $27 million. They obviously didn’t “cut corners”.

Creation Science is such a key battle of our day. I’m grateful that Answers and Genesis is impacting the world with the truth of Genesis. We need to keep them in our prayers!