Bright Lights on the East Coast

Two weeks from today I’ll be in New Jersey sharing an “Introduction to Bright Lights” at Mountain Ridge Bible Chapel (not far from New York City). We’d love to see more Bright Lights groups start on the East Coast. If you know anyone in the area who would be interested, click here for the flyer.

Bright Lights Workshop.


  1. Hi Grace. Enjoy reading your posts! We are into our third year of Bright Lights with 12-16 young ladies attending each meeting. We recently invited a few young men to participate and convicted to continue inviting them (esp on non-gender specific topics). Our meeting Friday night was led by one of the older young ladies (almost fifteen) and she covered “Meekness”. Afterwards we had everyone talk about areas in their lives they were struggling; such as obedience, diligence, mercy, envy, etc. It was so humbling for them (and me) to share what God is dealing with them about. Thank you for such rich and God honoring material to teach from! Blessings, Lisa Johnson (Atlanta area)

  2. Hi Grace,

    I have been trying to learn if you will be having a Mother/Daughter event in April, 2015.

    Also — what is the closest location to La Crosse, Wisconsin (and the date and venue,) will you be present — such that I can meet you with some or all of my daughters? ( I have six daughters, four sons, and eleven grandchildren so far. This is our 26th year of homeschooling!)

    Bless you and thanks.

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