1. Wow, Grace! I can’t believe you even made it to the office today. Didn’t you listen to the news? “Travel is NOT advised today”. You are one risky girl. 🙂
    We are hoping to be plowed out by Saturday. (This is my least favorite time of the year to live out in the middle of nowhere. lol) If the wind would stop making 10 ft. tall drifts in the roads, we might actually make some progress in plowing ourselves out!

  2. Wow! I wish that had happened while we were there! It “snowed” for about 30 minutes last week. That’ll be all we get this year. 🙂

    Did you see they cut the cost of the Ambassador’s Academy? I’m so excited. 😉

  3. Wo-o-o-ow…..it looks pretty but makes me thankful to live in a part of the country where it doesn’t snow that much!!! Er…doesn’t snow. Except for once in a blue moon, as we like to say. 🙂
    I finally got around to listening to “Let My Life Be A Light” and even though I got only about 6-7 songs into it I can definitely say it is SOO good!! I’m really going to enjoy listening to it!!!
    Love y’all….stay warm! 🙂

  4. Wow! In Texas we get like two to four inches of snow a year, and being Floridians that is like soo much snow! I can’t imagine getting that much snow!


  5. Hi Grace!
    I love the snow too! Our whole yard looks like an ocean of snow waves. My siblings are enjoying digging tunnels through it! 🙂
    Blessings this CHRISTmas season!
    1 Samuel 2:2

    P.S. I’ve been listening to the Bright Lights supplement CDs, and I came across a testimony from you in #2 (Having Your Pitcher Full of Living Water) when you were 14 (my age now.) You told about when you went into the drugstore to get some Vitamin C for your mom and you were able to tell your testimony to two girls because they were curious of why you were so happy. 🙂 Anyway, I just wanted to say “thank you” because it really encouraged me to be more joyful so that people will see Christ shine through me. So, thank you! 🙂

  6. Hi Grace!

    Amazing! We had 3 snowfalls so far in Beijing this year, but sadly, we enjoyed one snowfall which wasn’t a natural one but it came due to the cloud-seeding they did for the drought. 🙁 The other 2 happened when we were back in Malaysia for the ATII Conference and that 2 snowfalls were natural and quite heavy. Right now we see some places blowing fake snow to create ski slopes. We plan to go for skiing this year. :P. Am looking forward to that. 🙂

    Have a blessed Christmas time and enjoy the snow!


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