Big Project Finished


Our website has finally been “revamped”! This is a project we’ve been working on for a long time. It’s hard to believe it’s actually up. 🙂
See www.brothersandsisters.net

There are new pages, new photos, new resources, and information about our new store, Noah’s Archive, with a gigapan picture to explore (use the tools in the left hand corner of the picture to zoom and pan).

We’re grateful to God for the ways He answered prayer at many little steps all along the way as we were working on this project. Our prayer now is that the website would honor the Lord and provide clear information and resources to strengthen families in Christ.

12-13-09 Stephen taking pictures of Bright Lights material for the website


  1. Wow! This is fabulous!! Congratulations & well done!
    I see you have expanded your online store as well! Grandpa might need an assistant! 🙂 Do you have more interns coming?
    love ya!

  2. I looked at your website, and it looks great:) We were excited to see our younger sisters picture on your website…it’s an honor!

    God Bless~

  3. Grace, the website looks wonderful! Isn’t wonderful how God answers all of our prayers in some unique way?!


  4. Hello Grace! Your new web-site is great and I love the header! By the way, your hair (and Sarah’s!) is SO beautiful in the family picture. How do you get it so curly? I would love to know!

    Blessings, Hannah

  5. I like it, it is really pretty! I checked you schedule, and are planning on coming to FLA. Have you still not found a place to host it? If you need and help with whatever, I will see if I can help (I would to attend a conference)! But just to let you know I can’t promise anything.

  6. The new site looks great! The header is nice, and the design and layout is great. The pictures add a nice touch, too. Will ya’ll be coming to INCH this year? That would be awesome! 🙂
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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