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At the Wissmann’s…

Wissmanns 001_01
…preparing to record a Bright Lights Music CD. It has been so exciting to see the Lord putting all the details together. We can’t express enough appreciation to the Wissmann family for all they are doing to help. They have gone above and beyond our expectations in so many ways!
Wissmanns 005_01
Today was a full day of practicing and pulling together all the song arrangements. We’d appreciate prayer tomorrow and Wednesday that everything would go smoothly in the studio, and that the CD would bring much glory to the Lord and be a big encouragment to many!

Wissmanns 004_1
Oh, and did I mention practicing music wasn’t the only thing we did today…:)

Wissmanns 003_02
Sarah Roberts and Nathaniel Wissmann–ready to catch that balloon!


  1. Dear Grace,

    What are some of the songs you are recording?
    I’ll pray that God will use you all and your CD to reach out to others! 🙂


  2. Wow exciting what the Lord is doing with the new cd! Balloon volley ball fun and wet.

  3. Hey Grace! Thinking about you guys today. Love you and I’m so glad for the great things God’s been doing for you guys. Reinforcements and a music CD; awesome! 🙂

  4. Hello Grace!
    Looks like you are having such a blessed time with the Wissmann Family!
    We got the Wissmann Family’s “Going Home” CD at the home education conference (from your table) and have been enjoying it so very much!
    Joyfully in Jesus, Elizabeth

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