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“…And Having Examined Him…”

Last Sunday, my dad spoke for Resurrection Sunday on Pilate’s examining of Jesus and Jesus’ identity.

20130331_140432_20744 Our friend, Gloria (right) is a part of our church and attends the University of Iowa. She invited her friends to come to church today and we had a very nice time with them afterward.

“Then Pilate, when he had called together the chief priests, the rulers, and the people, said to them, ‘You have brought this Man to me, as one who misleads the people. And indeed, having examined Him in your presence, I have found no fault in this Man concerning those things of which you accuse Him …'” (Luke 23:13-14)


  1. I enjoyed the message. Very good! I was particularly blessed by your discussion on God’s mighty, masterful plan for our lives: greatest trouble->greatest rescuer->greatest price->greatest deliverance->greatest savior->greatest salvation->greatest security->greatest gratefulness->greatest relationship->greatest glory to God and greatest message to share with others. Reminded of a song I sang many years ago with the following lyrics “…if you’re happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it…” In a similar fashion, it is easy to identify those who grasp and are fully committed to the wonderful plan God has established for us, because their lives are so full of assurance, gratefulness, thanksgiving, love, etc. We are a most peculiar people in this world.

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