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Afternoon of Witnessing

This afternoon we went to a little festival at a nearby small town to go witnessing. Before we left we took some time to watch some witnessing video clips and talked about how to answer the question “How do you know the Bible is true?” We were trying to write some simple answers to this question on a 3×5 cards to carry with us. (But, of course, we found there were way too many answers to fit them onto a 3×5 card!)

We had a great team! The event we went to was called “Chalk the Walk” where artists draw fancy artwork on the streets with sidewalk chalk. There were lots of people standing around and it was a perfect place for witnessing.

It was so neat to look around and see witnessing conversations happening up and down the street… 🙂

Allison and Carrissa …what can I say? As you can see by their expressions, they were thorougly enjoying the afternoon of witnessing! I don’t think they are afraid of anything, and when you combine them and tell them to go witness…watch out! 🙂

Overall, we all got some good practice and were able to have many good conversations. We pray the Lord will cause those seeds to grow!

“They said this…so I said this…and they said this…” we always enjoy coming back and discussing the conversations we had and the responses we received.

Stephanie (blue) has been a big encouragement to me as she has often asked me “when are you going to plan another witnessing event?” And it’s neat to watch Stephanie becoming a great witnesser! Morgan (pink) came for the first time today and just jumped right in. It was a blessing having her with us!


  1. Hi Grace!
    I always like hearing the reports from witnessing events! Keep up the good work! It’s exciting to hear about the seeds being planted. I’ll be sure to pray for all those who heard to really think about and act on what they heard.
    With love from humid MI, (haha)
    Laura H
    PS~ Sarah: I LOVE your shirt! It is such a good color on you! (and it’s very cute too) 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had such a blessed time once again!
    The Lord is so gracious to provide opportunities to share His love with others!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  3. Thats so great! Oh, I love the tracts you put up before Easter! My cousin has been living with us for a while and just went home. As a going away gift I printed a stack of tracts and told him to call me every time he passed one out! 🙂

    In Christ Unfailing Love,
    Psalm 121

  4. Aw, Stephanie… she is one of my best friends:). I know Morgan, too, just not as well. So cool to see them on your blog!

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