Strong in the Lord Conf.

A Little Crowded!

We all squeezed into one van for a 3 minute shuttle ride from one place to another.

Last night after about 9 hours of driving, we spent the night in Cincinnati, OH. The Wickert family were very hospitable and opened their home to our whole group to stay!


The day on the road today was peaceful, relaxing and beautiful. Walking around the tropical garden trails of the Gaylord hotel for a little while this afternoon was a nice break.

Around 8:30 pm we pulled into the Adam’s home in Georgia. Although we’ve barely met them before, they have been running a Bright Lights group and they graciously opened their home to us as we were traveling through! It was such a blessing to pull in tired and hungry and receive a gourmet dinner and good fellowship. They had set up and decorated tables in their garage to seat us all for dinner. It was very nice. We felt so special and grateful to God for how well He takes care of us. Thank you, Adams! 🙂


Top: Sarah–piano, Emily Lenz–violin, Caitlyn Adams–harp, Brittney Adams–violin, myself–flute.
Middle: Singing!
Bottom: We had an encouraging time of sharing tonight which everyone seemed to enjoy…it included bible verses, testimonies, and some of my dad’s “latest greatest ideas”.. (He has lots of time to think and come up with stuff while he’s driving! 🙂 )

Here is one of the two 15-passanger vans we are traveling with.


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