Bright Lights Conferences/Strong in the Lord Conf.

Lansing, Michigan “Strong in the Lord Conference”

The Strong in the Lord Conference here in Lansing, MI, ended tonight. There were about 400 mothers and daughters in attendance. We were encouraged by how everything went, and grateful to God for His faithfulness!

The singing was one of my favorite parts. At this conference we had a grand piano, a guitar, 2 violins and a flute. The moms and girls sang loudly, and it sounded great.

In between each session, we break out into small groups (consisting of about 12-24 girls) for discussion, crafts, and personal sharing time.

Laura has been traveling with our team for years. She is happily married now, and her baby Abigail is 9 months old. It’s a treat to have her joining us again for this conference!

We always enjoy our “debriefing” times!

Tonight the host family we are staying with treated us with raspberries, strawberries, peaches and ice cream. It was great.


  1. Oh… Laura’s baby is soooo sweet! Laura was my small group leader at a Bright Light conference a couple years ago and I had really hoped to see her at the Bemidji,MN conference, but maybe another time. Congratulations on your little Abigail Laura!

  2. WOW great conference!! I wish I could have been there. Keep up the good work. When is the next conference? The LORD has really blessed your ministry.

  3. Hi Sarah and Grace!

    I sure wish that Bryant and I could have been there. Lord willing, we hope to work with you at more conferences.

    That is neat that Laura was able to join you for the conference. I am sure it was wonderful to have her on the team again.

    Hi to everybody who was at the Kansas City conferences. I loved getting to know all of you. Bryant put some of our pictures on her blog, if you are interested in seeing them. Here is the address:

    Because of Christ,

    Micah Noel

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