Strong in the Lord Conf.

Strong in the Lord Conference in Jacksonville, FL

This was our last conference. We sensed a lot of enemy attack beforehand, but it went great!

Chrissy Baskerville and the “Brownie Skit”. You did such a good job, Chrissy! 🙂

We always eat whatever food is leftover from what we serve at conference. Usually it becomes sort of a joke because everyone gets tired of it after a while.This week we had lots of bananas, skittles, and applesauce. 🙂


Moving 15 girls and all their luggage around for 2 weeks in Florida isn’t an easy task! Thank you Mom, Dad, Stephen, Mr. and Mrs. Baskerville and Andrew for all the times you moved us (and all of our luggage) to the different homes where we were staying!


  1. Happy Birthday Grace!

    God Bless You,

    The Russell Family,
    Howdy, Teresa, Haley, & Howdy III……and Henry!

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