Month: January 2017


Speak Truth in Your Heart Conference: Council Bluffs, Iowa


I’m delighted to announce that we are doing a “Speak Truth in Your Heart” conference in Council Bluffs, Iowa on March 3-4th! See PDF of flyer here. It’s been very exciting to watch the Lord use the content Sarah teaches in this new Bright Lights conference to impact girls as well as moms. Praise God that His Word is “living and active … able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12).

See pictures and reports from our last two “Speak Truth in Your Heart” Conferences here.

Creation Museum

Christmas Town at the Creation Museum

IMG_7070 I worked as a seasonal employee for Answers in Genesis for a couple of weeks in December to help with Christmas Town.

IMG_7282_1 I worked in the bookstore a little, but most of the time, I did response questionnaires with guests using ipads – which led to an abundance of meaningful conversations with families; I was very blessed.

I was also very encouraged by the interaction with Answers in Genesis staff. What a special “family” of very warm people who love the Lord and are working together for His glory and His work.

IMG_7149_1 I heard so many guests raving about the light display. 🙂

Christmas Town is a wonderful outreach … beyond the lights, people love the Biblical characters who walk around and interact with guests, the live nativity, the free Christmas concert, good food, and the petting zoo and camel rides.

IMG_7077_1 Shepherds, sharing the exciting news about the newborn Child with guests

IMG_2314_1 Anna (played by Vickie) is my very favorite part of Christmas Town. 🙂

IMG_2321 Some guests come from long distances to enjoy Christmas Town. Some come every year as a Christmas Tradition. It was exciting to get a firsthand feel for just how many people are blessed by this place. 🙂

IMG_2453 Tony Ramsek, talking to a family from Iowa. They were interested to hear about the outreach that he led for Answers in Genesis at the Iowa State Fair last year. (This is something I have not yet blogged about but plan to soon! Plans are being made to do the same outreach again this coming August.)

Family News

Lunch Discussion with Grandpa


Today my Grandpa (90 years old) took me out to lunch. I was asking him about who impacted his life the most. He said it was his uncle Arthur. Arthur really loved the Lord, thoroughly knew his Bible, and genuinely lived out the Christian life.
Among other friends, he also mentioned Jim Elliot, who he was friends with in college. My grandpa was explaining to me about the impact “brother Jim” made on all the students at Wheaton.

“Why do you think he made such an impact?” I asked.
“Because Jim had a real relationship with the Lord … and loved to talk about him,” my grandpa replied.

In every generation the Lord is raising up Jim Elliots and Uncle Arthurs. Some are more known, some less known. What really matters, when all is said and done, is that our relationship with Christ is real, vibrant, alive, and the best part of our lives. That kind of life will make an impact on others. However, our focus is not on “trying to make an impact,” but on loving Jesus with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind!