Month: July 2009

Family News

New Friends

We had a group of Chinese over for dinner the other night. Some are only visiting the US for a few weeks on business, and some live in the area. It was a very nice evening!

IMG_4143 After dinner and a time of music, my dad shared with everyone the three major world-changing events of history. Can anyone guess what they are? I know, you’re probably wondering how he narrowed it down to “three”. It’s not a major war, not electricity, not the automobile, or anything like that.
1) The first major world-changing event is when evil entered the world. Before this everything had been perfect because God created a perfect world.
2) The second major event is when God provided the solution for evil. This happened when Jesus died on the cross.
3) The third world-changing event is an individual one. It happens when individuals embrace the cross and are cleared of their own guilt. As people individually make this decision, it changes their world and then changes the world around them.

IMG_4158 One of our new friends had a good time trying the harp.




IMG_4130 Yu Chen and Stephen
After getting acquainted, Yu Chen mentioned that he had some available time if we needed any help with anything. Of course, we took him up on it :), and yesterday he helped my dad all day long as he was loading the trailer for our next trip. Thanks, Yu Chen!


Projects Underway…

Days have been pretty productive here at the Bright Lights office recently! This is Sarah and Daniel’s “spot.” As you can tell, they are both working very hard…on projects that can get somewhat tedious. Daniel is working on editing video from the Radiant Purity Conference (we are planning to make the DVDs available so families or Bright Lights Groups can host mini “video conferences” in their areas) and Sarah is working on a Bright Lights Songbook to go along with the new CD. We’ve been wanting to get these projects done for a long time, and we are SO grateful to the Lord for providing Sarah and Daniel’s skilled help! (Oh, and my stuffed monkey is also enjoying the company…)

Family News/Recent Productions

Recording…Day Two

Yesterday we had another great day of recording. The slideshow below will give you an inside scoop of the excitement at the studio.

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Family News/Recent Productions

Great Day in the Studio!

We had a great day in the studio today, and we finished almost all of the instrumental accompaniments. We are using harp, keyboard, guitar, dobro, mandolin, banjo, and flute. I’ve been so encouraged to see how well each song is coming together!

Matthias and Stephen Wissmann (amazing musicians!)

After each “take”, we listen, talk about it, figure out what needs to be changed, and then record again. Tom, our recording engineer, does an incredible job. We definitely feel blessed to be working with him.

Ruth Wissmann

Having fun in the waiting lounge

Family News/Recent Productions

At the Wissmann’s…

Wissmanns 001_01
…preparing to record a Bright Lights Music CD. It has been so exciting to see the Lord putting all the details together. We can’t express enough appreciation to the Wissmann family for all they are doing to help. They have gone above and beyond our expectations in so many ways!
Wissmanns 005_01
Today was a full day of practicing and pulling together all the song arrangements. We’d appreciate prayer tomorrow and Wednesday that everything would go smoothly in the studio, and that the CD would bring much glory to the Lord and be a big encouragment to many!

Wissmanns 004_1
Oh, and did I mention practicing music wasn’t the only thing we did today…:)

Wissmanns 003_02
Sarah Roberts and Nathaniel Wissmann–ready to catch that balloon!

Family News



It’s always exciting to see how the Lord provides just the perfect help at the perfect time. This evening we picked up some good friends, Sarah and Daniel Roberts, from the airport. They will be with us for a month this summer and Daniel will be helping Stephen with video, etc. while Sarah will be helping with some special Bright Lights projects.


One thing we have in common is that we both play harps (except they have 4 kids in their family, so they can play quartets while we can only do trios…[smile] ) We really appreciated Daniel’s help in fixing our harp tonight. He regulated it and fixed some other various problems it had. It sounds a lot better now.

Stephen + the online user’s manual 🙂 helped.

“For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.” Psalm 100:105