Can you imagine living a life that makes such an impact that the world still remembers you 1,600 later?

Of course, most people don’t know who St. Patrick really was or what he did. They don’t know that he was a missionary whom God used to bring the gospel to Ireland in 400 AD. However, since Christians use his legacy as an open door to share his true story AND his message, St Patrick’s life is not just being remembered by the world, it is still being used by God today!

St. Patrick’s Day is 9 days away. Here’s are four ideas of ways to communicate the gospel either at the parade in your area or simply to people you meet anywhere:

1) Pass out tracts. Click here for a tract you could print double-sided on green paper and use if you’d like.


2) Start talking to someone. Gradually gear the conversation to spiritual things. (“Nice day for a parade, isn’t it? … Do you come to this parade every year? … So do you know much about who St. Patrick was? … He was actually a missionary and he wasn’t even Irish–he was English! … So do you have a spiritual background at all? …What are your beliefs?”)

3) Take a questionnaire Click here for a questionnaire you could use. You can also go to the resource page of and see the other questionnaires available.

4) Open air preach right after it ends. A friend might do this in our town this year and we’d appreciate prayer for that outreach. [smile]

Above all, let’s pray that Christians everywhere take advantage of this useful day and share St Patrick’s message on St Patrick’s Day, 2013!

And we don’t have to wait until then! This whole next week is a great time to be giving out St. Patrick’s tracts and bringing him up in conversations.


  1. what resources would you recommend to learn more about him? like his actual name vs Saint Patrick. and those 2 letters the questionnaire referred to.

  2. Hi Grace, I enjoyed the newsletter. Does your group walk in the parade in CR? If so, let us know. We would love to join you and pass out the St. Patrick’s flyers.

  3. Hi Grace,
    Very much enjoyed the excerpt from your book in this month’s newsletter!

  4. Luann: here are some resources you can look up if you’d like:
    -“Confession” and “Letter to Coroticus” are the two extant documents written by Patrick himself.
    -“The Life and Writings of the Historical Saint Patrick” R.P.C. Hanson: The Seabury Press, New York; 1983
    -“The Steadfast Man” A biography of St. Patrick; Paul Gallico: Doubleday & Co., Garden City, New York

    Sally: We aren’t “in” the parade, but we’ll be witnessing to the people watching the parade and you are more than welcome to join us! I’ll e-mail you with some more details when we have the exact meeting place and time nailed down.

  5. Grace – Can I adapt some of the questions on your questionnaire to post on facebook?

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