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We’re HOME! Wow, it was a great trip. The Lord gave us an incredible team and we were all excited to watch Him work throughout these past 18 days. Since I got behind on posting through the second half of the trip, I thought I’d do some catch up now. But first, I need to announce some important upcoming events for those of you who may not have heard.


August 31-October 30: Bright Lights Internship

This nine-week internship includes Biblical studies, practical ministry training, and a variety of service opportunities with Bright Lights. Please email for more information. For young ladies 18 and up. There is still space for 1-2 more young ladies. Note: Flexibility may be arranged regarding dates.

October 5-9th: Bright Lights Leader’s Training

This five-day conference taught by Sarah Mally will equip, train and encourage young ladies who are interested in starting a Bright Lights group. It will also be an encouragement for any young lady who is interested in learning more about discipling others. Bright Lights leaders who have already been through the Training on CD are also welcome to attend to enjoy the fellowship and be refreshed with new insights and ideas. For young ladies ages 16+. Mothers are also welcome. See our website for topics and further info. See schedule for logistical details.

Contact us for questions!

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  1. I e-mailed you a couple of weeks ago about the witnessing surveys, but I never got a reply. Did you get it?

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