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Two Wrong Options

At our last Bright Lights meeting, Sarah shared some important thoughts for the new year. One thing she mentioned is that when we see sins or weaknesses in our life, we often have the tendency to either 1) think it’s impossible for us to change and not even try or 2) to try in our own strength.

Those are both incorrect responses. The correct responce is, first of all, to pray and ask God to change us. What is impossible for us, is very possible for Him!

Sarah asked the girls if there were areas in their lives they needed to change, or areas in which they desire to grow. She then emphasized that we need to be fervently *asking* God to change us! It was so sweet to see the girls spontaneously begin raising their hands sharing areas of their life they wanted to ask God to change.
“I want to be nice to my brothers and sisters,”
“I want to seek Him more with all my heart,”
And many other things.

We then took about 20 minutes and played soft music while the girls spread out all over the chruch to have some time alone with the Lord to talk about these things. It was a special time.

We don’t have the power to walk in a way that is worthy of the calling that we have received—but God is able to give us the strength. Are we asking for Him to do it?! Let’s earnestly plead with God to change us in those areas we know we need to grow!

As a side note, Stephen’s boy’s group (the Light Shop) celebrated their 9th anniversary with ice cream sundaes at their meeting on Monday night. Special milemark. 🙂 We are excited that the Light Shop material will be available in print soon.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Grace! I needed to hear it again.
    I love the pictures of your group – it’s so wonderful to see!
    In Christ’s love,

  2. I have so many things I need to change! Love your pixs! 😀 The girl in the second picture from the bottom looks alot like me! I at first thought is was me and was going, “How did that happen? I have never been to a bright lights meeting!” 😀 I have the same outfit and everything! Thank you so much for you encouragment! I will definately ask God to change me.

  3. I really appreciate you sharing from Sarah’s lesson, Grace! I can’t explain it, but I always feel such a “rightness” in what and how both of you communicate. God has used you to encourage me so much!

    With love in the Spirit, (Col. 1:8)

  4. Thanks for posting this, Grace. I really needed to hear that. A friend reminded me earlier today that we need to ask, “LORD, work this in me” instead of trying to do it in our own strength. She also reminded me of Phil 2:13 which I can’t remember at the moment but it speaks of God working in us. Praise His name!!
    In Christ,
    Sarah in MS

  5. What a wonderful reminder. It was such an encouragement! It was wonderful to view the pictures of your group as well. We have just begun a Bright Lights group this year, and I have truly been blessed by the lessons presented. Thank you so much for sharing the love of Christ.

    Many Blessings,

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