Sunday School Adventure

“Do you want to teach the preschool Sunday School class tomorrow?” Stephen asked me.

It was Saturday night after our last Bright Lights conference in Minneapolis. The people who normally teach the preschool class at Straightgate (the church at which we held the conference) were sick and a fill-in was needed.

“Sure,” I said. I was thinking, Preschool class? That shouldn’t be too difficult. I was imagining four or five kids.

I figured that I should get a little more information, so I went to talk with Eric from the church.
“How many kids do you normally have?” I asked.
“About thirty,” he replied. He went on to explain that they were usually very wild.

I had forgotten — This wasn’t a normal church. This church had a huge bus ministry. These were inner-city preschoolers.

“How long does the class last?” I asked. I was thinking maybe 45 minutes, but I learned that they meet from 9:30 all the way to 11:00.

Three other Bright Lights leaders from our team also came to help, and some people from the church were helping as well. Although we were a little apprehensive at first, we had a WONDERFUL time with those kids. It was one of the highlights of the trip for me.

Chelsea with the kids.

Amanda leading songs

We couldn’t get over how cute the kids were.

Snack time!

The kids certainly had no lack of personality! [smile] Actually, these preschoolers are only a fraction of the inner city kids that come to church every week.

There were many classes meeting in different rooms…here was one class meeting downstairs.

Straightgate is an amazing church. They have about 200 bus kids and basically everyone in the church is a Sunday School teacher or is working with the bus ministry in some way! What an example of a body being used and reaching out.


  1. That is so neat that you were able to do that! What a blessing. I’ll bet those kids really apreciated it.

    In His grip,

  2. Wow! What a lovely ministry. The unity of the congregation is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow, the bus ministry sounds like a really good thing for the church to do. It would be so awesome to see more churches reach out to the community and seek to expand their congregations by bringing in those who ordinarily wouldn’t go to church. God bless you and this wonderful ministry.

  4. Grace, it was an absolute pleasure to teach alongside you and your team that day! God truly blessed me and the lives of those kids through you! Miss you!
    In Christ’s Love,

  5. That is great! Those kids will never forget this time in their lives. What a beautiful ministry!

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