Summer 2017 Bright Lights Conference Locations

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be running Bright Lights conferences in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and Cincinnati, Ohio this July. This is our image designed for sharing on social media. We also have an email with more information about the conferences for spreading the word. Please email us and request this informational email if you’d like it. Or if you’d prefer paper flyers, we’d be happy to mail some to you!

Register online here.
Read reports about recent “Speak Truth in Your Heart” Conferences here.


  1. Great post, Grace! Sadly we don’t live in either of these states. =(
    Hey, I’m doing a small study group with a couple of my siblings based on witnessing. Any ideas on topics I could cover?

    1. Hi Ariel, that is great to hear of the study you are doing with your siblings! Have you seen the “Will Our Generation Speak?” Study guide? It has many discussion questions and Scripture studies that I think would be helpful and enjoyable for you and your siblings. Another idea, if you want to be real simple, is to start by simply studying a few Scripture portions, such as Colosians 4:3-6, Philemon 1:6, portions of Romans and Acts, etc. 🙂 Then you could do an action project together, such as passing out tracts or having a little prayer meeting for your neighbors.

  2. Will you email me info. on the conference that is in MI please? I just realized it is this week.

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