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Stephen Travels with Governor Huckabee

Stephen has been traveling with Gov. Mike Huckabee this past week shooting pictures for Icon, an online wire service that he works for. It’s exciting to hear the “inside scoop” from Stephen about what’s going on. He has been traveling on the media bus and today he flew a couple times on the media plane. I was just talking to him on the phone and he was telling me about how they let him and the other media into Huckabee’s bus (called the Huck-a-bus) this morning where Huckabee was watching the bowl game with his wife and 3 dogs who travel with them.

The black dog in the front is Jet. The one in his lap is Toby. The one you can kind of see on Mrs Huckabees’s lap is Sonic (named after her favorite restaurant). They always travel with their 3 dogs. 🙂


Above: Three pictures I borrowed from Stephen
Below: A few pictures from today when we went to hear Huckabee

We went to hear Huckabee speak this afternoon partly to hear Huckabee and partly to see Stephen. I thought they both did a pretty good job. 🙂

We were suprised to see a picture of Stephen standing with his camera behind Huckabee on the New York Times blog the other day. Check this out…click here.


  1. Cool grace! I went to the link and saw your brother there; what a neat experience!

  2. Hey Grace!!
    I absolutely love the pics! How cool for Steven. Heather is a bit jealous! No, I’m teasing. She is so excited for you guys (as we all are)!!! I don’t know if Gov. Huckabee could have a bigger fan that Heather (besides us). She wants a “campaigning” birthday party next month for her birthday. She also told us she didn’t want Christmas presents or doesn’t want birthday presents or any presents for the rest of the year- just to donate it all to Huckabee. I think chairing the Teenage Republicans was definitely her calling!
    We were excited to see the Gov. last month (2 days after Christmas) when he had come down to Orlando. We shook his hand but that’s as far as we got! 🙂
    Please pray for the upcoming states elections, including ours. We have been heavily involved in his campaign here, but it could get heavier. Randy is the organizer for the Meetup Group here in Marion County, but they are wanting him to be the Chairman of the campaign for our area- which is a heavier load. He’s already putting a LOT of time in (outside of having to work a real job). It’s very difficult to balance it all and be effective. We’d like to ask for prayer about all this as well. The whole family is working hard at it, even Allison (our 12 yr. old) is going at it hard- she can’t go into a store without trying to recruit Huckabee supporters!
    Sorry I went on so long! I don’t have your personal e-mail so I hope it’s ok to keep in touch this way. I always enjoy checking in and seeing what’s going on. Tell the family hi for us!! God Bless.
    Love and Miss You All!
    Ann Osborne

  3. Hi, this is Mallory Adams. I am looking foward to coming to the Strong in the Lord Conference this year!!! I will turn 8 years old on April 19th. My sister, Aubrey Adams went last year and really enjoyed it.

  4. Wow, this is so exciting! I really enjoyed the caucus this year, and was thrilled at the outcome for Gov. Huckabee. Now we need to pray, pray, pray that Christians in the other states will turn out to support him in the upcoming primaries. It’s been especially fun to be part of the whole process, starting with the Republican Strawpoll in Ames last summer. We actually had Gov. Huckabee and his family come to our house two days before the Strawpoll for a “house party”. We had about 60 people packed into our small family room and kitchen. I’m still pinching myself that he was really at our house! 🙂 I must say, I’m slightly envious of Stephen’s getting to ride on the “Huck-a-bus” though. 😉 Thanks for sharing the great pictures, Grace.

  5. Neat, neat, neat! That’s exciting, Grace! Our family went to a Huckabee rally in MI last Saturday, and I was so excited to shake Gov. Huckabee’s hand, but what an even greater privilege to be able to fellowship with the King of Kings at any time! We’ve been praying for Huckabee for several months now, and we were so encouraged to see him Iowa! PTL! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!

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