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“Speak Truth in Your Heart” Bright Lights Conference

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I’m very excited about the brand new Bright Lights conference that will be taking place in Dallas, Texas on June 7-8. As girls replace lies with the truth, they see how God’s Word transforms each area of their lives as the truth sets them free.

Sarah has presented this material at camps, but this is the first time she will be teaching a Bright Lights conference using this material. See more information on our flyer here. Click here to register.


    1. Hello Heidi,
      We would love to do one in Minnesota. We typically just go where we are invited. Since these conferences are more simple than our other Bright Lights conferences, they are a little easier to host. If you would be interested in more information, just let us know. God bless!

  1. Such a fabulous, timely topic! Recently Jesus has been convicting me once again of the need to be focusing my mind on the promises/truth of His Word. Excited for how God will use this conference in many girls’ lives!

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