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Sarah’s Webinar

20140128_201401_26088 Last week, Sarah ran her first webinar for Bright Lights leaders. The topic was “Singleness, a Season of Fruitfulness and Joy.” We were encouraged by the feedback we received, praise the Lord.

20140128_201859_26129 Nickie, Tia, Stephen and I probably had a little more fun than we were supposed to in the other room moderating the questions and comments that were coming in. (And we appreciated the good comments and questions that were sent!)


  1. hi Sarah and Grace your webinar sounds fun, my daughter Meredith at 33 lives at home and struggles with singleness sometimes, but she is learning to lean on Jesus so much more, and is content most of the time as long as she can keep her diabetes type 1 under control. Boyfriends come and go, but are not as important as they used to be, she’s getting wise, thank you both for your loyalty to Jesus Our Lord! Bobbie Norris

  2. I heard about you the first time through the Duggar show. I was very tempted to buy “Before You Meet Prince Charming” but felt I’m too old to read it because I’m already almost 33 years old and I have already decided long time ago that I would save my purity for my future husband someday. But where is your webinar? I would like to try hear it. I’m hard of hearing so I’m not sure how much I would catch it but I’m very good at lip reading. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Hi Bobbie, it is nice to hear from you! And thanks for the update on Meredith…it would be nice to visit in person sometime. So true that earthly relationships pale in comparison to our walk with Christ.

    Leah, the webinar is not available for download at this point. It’s possible that in the future we’ll make it available though. Thanks for asking! Regarding “Before You Meet Prince Charming,” I really don’t think you are too old to read it, because a lot of it is about our walk with Christ, delighting in Him and waiting on the Lord–which applies to every age.

  4. I SO wish I could’ve been a part of this, but I was in Colombia at the time visiting some missionary friends at a camp there. I’d love to know if it is ever made available for downloading.

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