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Hi and Merry Christmas Everyone! Well, I have some random pictures from the last week or so… they don’t really go together, but I thought I’d post them all anyway.

A special Christmas lunch at a nearby sandwhich shop with the girls in the BL Office here…Nickie, Sarah Rachel, Bekah.

Ok so when we bought our Christmas tree this year, we were told that it had been returned because it wouldn’t stand up straight. (I know. Who returns their Christmas tree?!) But my dad and I thought, No problem…We’ll work with it. Unfortunately we didn’t have as much success as we thought. This is how we found the tree on Christmas morning. I love Stephen’s expression. It was a race to get all the water and pine needles off the carpeting before Mom got up!

Christmas caroling! This is actually a great ministry, people are generally very touched.

Our “littlest caroler” warming up from the cold.

Stephen bought another guitar the other day. I’m so excited…

Yesterday morning was official “winter wonderland” in Marion, Iowa! All the trees were like this — It was amazing!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

And Mary said, “My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour….” (Luke 1:46-47)


  1. Merry Christmas, Grace!! (And a happy new year too…)
    Thanks for updating…I loved seeing the photos. Lol; that silly tree!
    It looks like you had a wonderful time Christmas carolling. We actually did that too for the first time this year, and gave our neighbors homemade mini loaves of bread along with it. I think it was appreciated!
    The tree is beautiful. I got a similar shot while @ my grandparents’ for the weekend, except snow covered the branches instead of ice. There was no wind, so the snow just stayed where it fell…so stunning! Every single tree was like that, and the horizon over the lake was breathtakingly white. =)
    Well, sorry for the long comment. Many blessings to y’all in 2011!
    Joyfully in Christ,
    1 John 4:10 & 14

  2. Aww, that little girl is so cute!
    In the tipsy tree picture, there’s a green ball. Is that a gym ball? Just curious…
    happy new year!

  3. Merry Christmas Grace, and to the all the Mally’s! Awesome! Your Christmas sounded great! 🙂 I like the snow picture. The Caroling sounded like an amazing ministry. I’m sure it sounded beautiful!

    God bless you, Grace! May He continue to abundantly bless you!

    Love Always, ~
    Kaitlyn Adams

  4. Your Christmas tree fiasco reminds me of my family’s own Christmas tree woes! I was probably only six years old. Mom and Dad were away, and the tree just went *plunk* right on the floor! The babysitter didn’t have a clue what to do, so just left it there. Thankfully, I don’t think much water was in the tree stand at the time. We joke that there were too many ornaments on one side of the tree, thus causing the fall. Nevertheless, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  5. I love the first picture! I knew where you all were before even reading the description. Ahhh, such happy memories!

    Love you and can’t wait to see you again!
    Joyfully, Mary

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