December was a busy month! Here are a few pictures of various activities.

One night we went caroling with friends from church. We received so many warm responces like, “In the 26 years I’ve lived here, I’ve never had carolers come to the door!” and “Could you please sing just one more?” We tried to sing the songs that have the clearest Christian message. It was so much fun. I’d highly recommend doing it in your neighborhood next year!

Cousins came to visit over Christmas

It’s a great thing when your grandpa discovers you like dark chocolate.

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time at the Bright Lights / ministry building. It’s looking good and we are encouraged! Here our friend Dave is adjusting a tile he just laid.

Stephen gave the sermon at church one Sunday in December. He spoke on Christophanies, climaxing with the incarnation. This stack of books was sitting outside his bedroom door…. 🙂

Our Bright Lights Christmas party was a special time. Lots of the older girls pitched in and decorated, planned a skit, sang a special number, and prepared encouraging thoughts to share. The younger girls dressed up fancy and seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Serving peppermint hot cocoa


  1. Dear Grace,
    That is so neat how you got to go Christmas caroling! Our Bright Lights group got to go Christmas caroling too!


  2. We go caroling every year to our neighbors. All of them look forward to it. Some of our neighbors will ask us when we are going to do it, so they can make sure they are home and don’t miss us. This year we decided to carol to a widower who lives on the next street. His whole face lit up when we started singing, and after we finished he said it was the perfect ending to his day.

  3. My family has always enjoyed caroling. It’s so fun to surprise people since sadly, it’s such an uncommon thing in our day.

  4. Hi Grace,

    It’s neat that you and others can go and be the “Light of the World” to people! Our group had caroling too.:D

    Wishing you and your family a Blessed and Happy New Year! 🙂

    In Christ,

  5. Just thinking of your family today, so I stopped by and caught up on your blog posts. Very encouraging to see how God is continuing to use you all to touch so many lives! Keep pressing on…and may 2009 be a year packed with special blessings. God has Great Things in store!!

  6. Hello Grace!
    Enjoyed hearing about your December updates! Thanks!
    The Christmas caroling sounds especially fun!

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