The Radiant Purity Conference in Cedar Rapids (August 13-14th) was definitely an exciting weekend. We were very encouraged by the attendance, the response, and the conclusion of the whole event.

The discussion groups at the Radiant Purity Conference always keep things fresh and interesting. Here was Lilly and Laura’s group.

Here are a few other responses from young ladies:

“I’m going to ask my father again to guard my heart and hold me accountable” -14 yr old

“I am going to memorize Romans 6-8 to replace wrong thoughts” -14 yr old

“I’m going to talk to my parents about crushes and stuff” -14 yr old

“I made a commitment not to kiss before marriage” -17 yr old

One thing that excites us most is to see the older girls and moms become interested in starting their own Bright Lights groups when they go home.

Chelsy and Tia’s Group

Here was our “cool down” and sharing time — where we enjoyed good food, relaxing, and hearing encouraging reports about how the Lord was working in all the other small groups. Lots of joy and laughter. But the relaxing didn’t last too long because soon it was time for…

Clean up!! After a week of conferences in the same church, there was lots of cleaning, organizing and packing to do as we prepared to leave the next morning for Duluth….! (Big thanks to the Bieglers and Martinezes for all your help!) Here Tia and Lilly are packing up the booktable.

Rachel and Abby. (In case you haven’t noticed, we are always completely serious after conferences are over…)

…especially Stephen. 🙂

Check back soon for more reports from the Duluth, MN Conferences!


  1. What a joy it was to see the photos! This conference was SUCH a blessing to my parents and I! It was so wonderful to see so many like-minded young ladies and be encouraged and refreshed. I loved the skits, small group discussions, sessions, music…and pretty much everything! 🙂

    Thanks, Grace, for sharing the photos!
    Joyfully in Jesus,

  2. Memories! I’m getting sad here wishing I could be at a conference! 🙁 If any of you happen to pass through Massachusetts…. 😉

  3. It’s so wonderful that the conferences are going well for you guys!
    Any chance you’ll be coming to the west coast anytime soon? Like maybe oregon? =)

  4. Hi Emily,
    We would love to come out to the west coast sometime! We normally simply go where we are invited. If you’d like info on what’s involved in hosting a conference, just let us know. 🙂
    God bless!

  5. Hello there, I don’t know if you remember me, but I was in your group for the Radiant Purity Conference in Cedar Rapids ( the one that didn’t make the picture 😉 ). I just want to say that I’m sorry for not staying for all of it, but I really did enjoy being there while it lasted. 🙂
    I was also wondering if you ever got my e-mail, because I might have sent it to the wrong e-mail address or something, but anyway I hope that there will be another conference in Iowa soon! 😀 btw, really like the pictures you posted 😉

  6. These are really good pictures!!! That last picture thats your brother!!??? He’s funny… well looks funny. Not in a mean way but… ugh you know what i mean. 🙂 You guys did a amazing job setting up and unsetting up and the whole inter conference!! God Bless You All!!

    In Christ
    Ali Holmes

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