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(Photo courtesy of Caleb Williams)
Can you tell which one is Stephen? He’s the 7th person down. Stephen continues to get frequent jobs from our local newspaper and other online wire services. This picture was taken about a month ago.

Yesterday, Stephen received a call from the New York Times asking him to cover the “illegal alien arrests” in Postville, Iowa. He’s there at this moment and from what we hear, he’s having a pretty interesting time.


  1. I hope Stephen haves a good time. I LOVE photography! 😀 My favorite thing to photograph is flowers. I have got several really nice pictures of flowers since I bought my digital camera six months ago.

  2. Grace, when I push “submit comment” my comment comes up, but it takes a long time for it to show that any comments are there on the home page. Do you know why it does that? Thanks, Hannah

  3. I can only imagine the $$ represented by all those telephoto lenses and SLR cameras! [grin]

    How exciting it must be for Stephen to do this newspaper photography!

  4. That’s really exciting about Stephen! What an opportunity!

    Hannah, the reason it doesn’t pop up right away, is because there is comment moderation enabled. Which means, that Grace has to approve it before it will show up for all to see. Hope this helps. 😀

  5. We rejoice in this opportunity for Stephen. I meant to write and ask if any of his equipment was replaced by insurance. Will pray….

  6. Hey Grace, how’ve you been? Ok, so I don’t have your contact information and I sure don’t know how to get hold of you. There’s my email address above and you can email me anytime. I’m heading out to Iowa in August and will be staying with the Juhls during my last week. The puppy is sure cute! Do you have any pet of your own? Lena

  7. I responded for the wrong picture I realized, I’ve seen a lot of his work on facebook and it’s pretty amazing. I will definitely will keep praying for him. Take care yourself too and I hope to hear from you soon.

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