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Obedience in Every Area of Life…

Bekah May, a good friend who has been involved in Bright Lights for years, taught the lesson last Monday night. She covered lots of great topics including accepting the way God created you, saying β€œno” to the flesh and β€œyes” to the Spirit, nutrition, and developing a motivation to glorify God vs. pleasing others. She has an incredible testimony of how the Lord has changed her life in this area. Thanks, Bekah! We praise the Lord for you and the testimony of your life.

Fellowship and crafts during “small group time”


  1. I’ve enjoyed keeping up to date with everything you & your family is doing. Thanks for keeping up this blog! I love all the Valentine’s decorations! God Bless! Allison from SA Texas

  2. Hi Desiree,
    We will be coming to Florida for a Bright Lights conference this fall, but the conference will probably be in the Clearwater area. We’ll put more details on the schedule page of our website ( when details are finalized.
    Thanks for asking – God bless!

  3. Thank-you Grace. My gradmother lives near there and we go and see her alot. So hopfully I cam mabe make it:)

  4. Hi Grace,
    I just heard about Bright Lights and I was wondering how to go about finding information on the group in our area. We live in Clearwater, FL. Can you send me contact information?

  5. When I saw the picture I thought, “Wow! Is that Bekah May?!? She looks SOOO good!!!!” Congratulations, Bekah, even though I don’t know you! I’m sure your weight loss success is such an encouragement to others.

  6. Hi Kendall,
    Yes, there is a Bright Lights group in Clearwater. I’m actually good friends with the leader, Chelsea. πŸ™‚ If you’ll e-mail [email protected], we’ll reply with the info. We are also planning to do a few Bright Lights conferences in Florida in October.
    God bless!

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