Homeschool Conferences

New Friends in Mississippi…

One of the best parts of the Mississippi homeschool conference was getting to know the close-knit group of board members and their families. It was refreshing to us to spend time with a group of strong Christian families who are not afraid to seek God’s best without compromising. They are doing a great job running their conference.

Here Candy is taking a walk with her little sister Amy.

Stephen and I had fun playing a game late Saturday night with the kids of the board members. It got us all laughing… I guess that happens easily when everyone is tired after a long conference. 🙂


  1. wow I’m in 3 of the 4 pictures. I’m famous!:)

    It was great getting to know ya’ll! Hope you come to MS again.

  2. Hey, Grace,

    Here it is almost a year later, but in case you ever read new comments on old posts…

    We absolutely loved having Y’ALL down here and we sure miss you a lot and hope you can come next year (2009)!

    And…haha…to whichever one of the Lockes wrote that comment…did you purposely type “one” instead of “on” to prove that you are an “uneducated homeschooler from Mississippi” as most people outside the South think we are?!?! (Hahaha)

    Love and blessings,

  3. Believe it or not, Rebekah, I do read comments on old posts! (It shows me the new comments that have recently come in.)

    Thanks for the comment. I would love to come back to MS next year! I miss you all! 🙂

    Hope the conference goes well this year……


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