My Dad

To describe a godly father and what it is to be
The daughter of a righteous man who prays so much for me
Is pretty much impossible, but I’m still gonna try
To explain some things I really love about my dad, and why.

From my earliest memory, my dad was always there
To listen to my struggles and fears and every care,
The security it brought me that “dad knows and will pray”
Helped me stand strong knowing it all would turn out okay.

So many times I’ll come to dad with a question on my mind
He’ll stop and talk it through with me until our thoughts align
Sometimes his insights are so deep, it takes me by surprise
As he walks with God each day, my dad just gets more wise!

I remember when my dad would let me put barrettes in his hair,
Or the highlight of my childhood: playing “horsie ’round the chair.”
Not only did he love us, he really “liked” us too,
That is something that in our hearts, we kids always knew.

My dad was always patient and a giver of much grace
When we’d fail, he’d gently teach us, showing us God’s ways
He often gave me mercy—not what I deserved,
And those moments drew me to him, as his kindness I observed.

Through Dad’s gentle ways and words, I’ve seen the heart of God
Slow to punish, quick to praise; I felt no need for a façade.
In all the ministry he did, he always gave us kids a part,
And my dad’s affirmation brought security to my heart

Through watching Dad I’ve realized what my goals in life should be
As I see him love God and people and spend much time upon His knees.
Witnessing is something that’s so often on his mind,
His top priority in life is to do those things which God assigned.

I love to hear Dad witness as he always has new ways
To describe the glorious gospel with a wise and clever phrase.
I love his gentle, teaching style—and God’s provision to me I see:
Dad thinks of so many witnessing tips and then teaches them to me!

Dad loves to share with us his gleanings from the Word that day
Always building others up by the words he picks to say
Dad was always slow to make a rule, but quick to teach us “why,”
His goal was that from our heart God’s Word we would apply.

My dad is such an awesome person, I cannot say enough
To cover all the bases would be very, very tough!
Sometimes I just sit and contemplate what way that I could find
To get all of the wisdom from his brain into mine!

When I think of my Heavenly Father, and all that it implies
To own the title “daughter of the King” beyond the skies,
I think of my dad here on earth and it helps me understand
A bit more of this privilege given by God’s hand!

To the father/child relationship nothing else compares
The love between a girl and dad is something nothing shares!
The Lord uses it to teach us to come closely unto Him,
And a relationship with Him makes all earthly ones look dim!

Our relationships here on earth are really very brief
Often they are strained, and sometimes filled with grief
But praise the Lord that He is better than family members all combined
And in His love we’ll rejoice, satisfied—just as He designed.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Copyright 2014, Grace Mally


  1. Thankful for the many Fathers who mirror the love and sacrifices of our heavenly Father. Beautiful poem, Grace!

  2. Yes yes! Very beautifully written. I’m so thankful for an amazing Dad who loves me, and also like you said, “likes me”. It’s a precious gift.

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