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Minnesota Homeschool Conference (MACHE)

Last weekend, Sarah, my dad, myself, and the four Bright Lights interns went up to Minneapolis for the MACHE homeschool conference…

Setting up our booth the day before

With over 6,000 attendees, the convention hall kept pretty busy.

I don’t know what we would have done without the help of our four interns!

Sarah giving her session called “Raising Daughters who are Pure in a Generation of Darkness”

Before our session on “Developing a Family Ministry” my dad informed us of some bad news. Our projector was missing. It had been left at the house we were staying — a half hour a way. Not good. We were relying heavily on the powerpoint because we had just revamped our whole talk and we really needed our powerpoint to help it stay connected and smooth. And with three speakers it can be especially difficult to keep it flowing in a clear way.

My dad asked all the other speakers at the conference if they had an extra projector we could borrow, but nothing was available. Finally he resorted to the least desirable option — driving all the way back to our host home. Our session was beginning in just over an hour now. We were cutting it close. After arriving at the house, my dad called again with more bad news. “I can’t find it. I’ve looked everywhere.”
Sarah and I dropped what we were doing and prayed.
Five minutes later the phone rang again and I could tell by the relief on Sarah’s face that my dad had good news this time. “I found it. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before–it was right there in the middle of the room.”

Next we needed to tune the harp (which we use during the chalk talk), and guess what? Our tuner was in the van that Dad had taken. Thankfully, Dad arrived about 15 minutes before the talk and we were able to tune, set up, get everything ready and start the session really fast. Whew!
The session went especially well, and many shared very encouraging comments about how the Lord used it to change their perspective. Praise the Lord.

I love looking back and seeing the Lord’s hand in taking care of so many little details!

Dinner at Chipotle!

Thank you Buller family for the very nice time we had at your house!

After church, my mom called with urgent news that we couldn’t come home because of the weather. Apparently the snow storm hit right in between Minneapolis and Cedar Rapids, and everyone at our church back home was very concerned after looking online at the weather. So, we decided to “drop in” on some more friends instead of coming home.

We called the Lenz’s and they graciously opened their home even at such late notice. We enjoyed eating several dozen eggs from their farm 🙂 (among other things), ice cream, and enjoyed great fellowship…

And, of course, we had to pull out the instruments and have a singing time.

After a good night’s sleep, a great breakfast, and a refreshing hike through the cornfields, we hit the road again.

We made it about 5 minutes down the road…and the van broke a belt. We stopped and prayed. My dad called Lenz’s and got the number of their mechanic, who said he happened to be only 5 minutes away (even though he lives in another town) and he’d come take a look. Wow- how convenient! After he looked it over, it was decided that my dad would drive the van to his shop to get it fixed. I was wondering what all of us girls would do while we waited…especially since everyone was getting hungry for lunch.

We passed a Panera Breads.
“Dad–there was a Panera back there! Can you drop us off?” I asked.
“Well, I could stop right here and you can walk back to it,” he offered (he was following the mechanic).

“K guys let’s go!” I said and we all grabbed our computers and bags, rolled out of the van (almost), and walked through the cold back to Panera, laughing. Panera was a great place to get some e-mails sent and enjoy a relaxing lunch as we waited for the van to be fixed.

My dad had a chance to speak with the mechanic about the Lord and he left him (and the secretary at his shop) with a few of our books.

Each trip is different and unique. Each one is usually characterized by hard work and various problems to work out. But those problems turn into blessings and opportunities when we trust God–the One who’s really “running the show”.

“And my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”


  1. Hi Grace,
    What a great testimomy!
    I am glad you had fun!
    I have you on my favorite’s
    Happy Easter to you and the staff!

  2. Wow, what a trip! I’m so glad the LORD provided for all your needs!!

  3. What a great testimony of how the Lord works!! Happy Easter – He is Risen! See you at the conferences. 🙂

  4. Wow! The Lord works in amazing ways! I just love to read your stories! 🙂 Happy Easter!!!
    Love, Samuelle, Katie, Natalie, and the Bright Lights group

  5. God is soo good and gracious! He keeps His promises to provide and care and never to forsake his children! Bless and praise his name! Thank you Grace for keeping us all updated love you lots love Supriya

  6. Thanks for sharing, Grace! God is so faithful to provide what we need, when we need it, if we will trust Him! It’s a blessing to hear stories of answered prayer!
    It sounds like the internship is going really well!

  7. Thanks for sharing- it was great to see you girls and now fun to hear what happened after MACHE! And I am quite jealous that you got to visit the Lenzes! 🙂

  8. hello
    I I live in mexico.
    Greetings from Mexico
    apparently if God has blessed
    it goes on for the follow estendiend his blessing in you.
    Adrianna Rabbit

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