Homeschool Conferences

Kansas City Homeschool Conference

Myself, Marie, Chrissy

We had great weekend at the Kansas City Homeschool Conference! We stayed pretty busy at our booth and we were grateful to the Lord that our two sessions (“Training Young Ladies to be Bright Lights for the Lord” and “Raising Daughters who are Pure in a Generation of Darkness”) went well. We pray that the Lord would use what we said in the lives of those who came.

We are doing a Bright Lights Conference and Radiant Purity Conference in Kansas City in July, so we put some extra effort into getting the word out about that.

Keshia (Bright Lights Leader in Kansas City) and me

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting several girls and moms who ran Bright Lights groups in Kansas. I knew most of them by name, but meeting them in person was special! We heard reports from them, and were able to get acquainted with a few girls of the “Bright Lights girls” who attended their groups.
It excites me to know that these groups exist and are meeting on an ongoing basis. Accountability over a long period of time is effective! People normally don’t change overnight; it takes girls time to learn and grow. When a young lady is regularly attending Bright Lights meetings and fellowshipping with other girls who are also seeking to be truly strong for the Lord in their youth, it gives her “spiritual food” on a regular basis and changes her life.

Dawn and Keshia, Bright Lights leaders

I introduced these two Bright Lights leaders (Dawn and Keshia) to each other because they hold their Bright Lights meetings in the same town but neither of them knew that the other existed! It was fun to make that connection. I think they are now talking about getting their groups together for a special meeting sometime.

I first met Keshia at the Kansas Homeschool Conference five years ago. Keshia has been faithfully leading a group for several years now and she explained to me how she is currently training three of the older girls in her group to lead so that they’ll be able to take over for her.

We praise the Lord for Bright Lights leaders around the country who are faithfully following Jesus’ last commandment – to make disciples. One day they will reap a harvest and they’ll be grateful for every ounce of energy they put into the Lord’s service!
Jesus told us that we demonstrate our love for Him by feeding His sheep. There are a lot of sheep out there that need to be fed! A spiritual battle is raging today and it’s obvious that the enemy is especially targeting young people. If we want to be faithful warriors for the Lord, wrestling for spiritual victory in the lives of young people, we need to prioritize our lives (2 Tim 2:4) and get into the battle! We only have one life, one chance to fight in the battle for the Lord. When we personally meet the “Captain of the host of the Lord” as Jesus describes Himself in Josh 5:14 whatever we’ve done for Him will be worth it!

Packing up

It was a last minute decision for my dad to come along. Boy, are we glad he did! Packing and unpacking would have taken so much longer without him (My dad is a master at packing vans and trailers. 🙂 ) And, of course, it’s more fun to have Dad along.

Dad’s bedroom

Since my dad didn’t want to pay for another hotel room just for himself, he decided to sleep in the van.
Poor dad. But he didn’t seem too bothered by it. He just spent a lot of time in the hotel lobby… 🙂 Thanks for everything, Dad…we sure appreciated you on this trip!


  1. I’m so glad the conference went well. I was praying. 🙂
    It looks like your dad had a nice “cozy” bedroom. 🙂

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