Bright Lights Internship

Internship “Orientation”

Yesterday was a full day! We started out with a time of sharing from the Word and prayer. We also heard some neat testimonies from the girls of how the Lord had worked in their lives to prepare them for this time – again confirming to us how the Lord brought just the perfect team for these 10 weeks.
Then Sarah shared with them the complete story of how the Lord provided the office into which we just moved. (I am planning to share this story on Grace Notes as well in coming weeks.)
Since yesterday was the first day for all of us to work in our new office, it was rather exciting, as can imagine. We still keep asking each other, “Where do we keep this?” “Where do we keep that?”


Here Nickie is explaning to the girls how to process “orders”. After we all practiced a few times I think we understand… 🙂
Nickie also trained the girls in knowledge of the Bright Lights material we ship out and explained to them the details of how it all works (i.e. the discount prices Bright Lights leaders get, etc.) how to package orders, and how to answer some of the most common e-mails that we receive.

Sarah also gave the girls a few projects to begin working on for Bright Lights this week. (Writing ideas for a Before You Meet Prince Charming Study Guide, helping to plan our next local Bright Lights meeting, etc.)

Late afternoon/evening the girls went grocery shopping. Some of the evenings they are planning to cook and eat on their own in the guest house, and some evenings they are planning to eat at our family’s house.


  1. How fun! I know the feeling of learning how to place orders – I’m just learning the ropes here at IBLP! It’s an amazing adventure! 🙂
    The Lord bless all of you!

  2. Keep it up Grace! I LOVE reading your blog and knowing what’s going on in your life. Thank you! GOD BLESS.

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