Singapore and Malaysia

In Kuala Lumpur

Since there was so much traffic when we arrived in KL, the bus driver apparently couldn’t park the bus in the bus station. So we all just got off in the middle of the road. We had an interesting time crossing the street! On this side of the world, cars have the right-of-way, not people.

We have a lot of extra stuff because of all the supplies, skit props, etc. we bring along the conferences. Thankfully Mr. Teh had already sent some of our stuff ahead of us with others, otherwise I don’t know what we would have done.

I sat in on Christine’s small group for a while. She did a great job she did communicating to her girls the awesome vision of truly being strong for the Lord in our teen years and how it’s a privelege to be a part of His army.

We are excited at how the Lord is raising up a godly team of young ladies here. Some have started Bright Lights groups already and others are making plans to. We have to leave and go home soon, but these girls are carrying on the work. Please pray for them as there are always many obstacles.

One morning some mothers arranged a picnic in the park. My dad shared a few thoughts from the Word with us and shared 3 important “F’s” of the Christian life: “Flee, Follow and Fight”.

So many beautiful tropical flowers…

We had many traditional and delicious Chinese meals. The octopus, squid, large prawns, and frog meat made this meal especially… memorable. Good thing we have so many friends who graciously tell us what is in each dish. 🙂

Me and my little guy

Packing up to travel back to Singapore. Everywhere we go we travel with our family, our team of 5 American leaders, our team of about 10-15 Asian leaders, and Mr. Teh, our organizer/host. Sometimes it gets a little confusing with so many people and so much luggage. Good thing Mr. Teh is so organized!


  1. Wow, looks like you all had a very exciting and profitable trip! Praise God for the way He is working in the lives of the s. I’m still contemplating if I’d have the stomach to take your “little guy” as he is or prefer that he be in an unrecognizable form before I eat him. 🙂 The flowers do look beautiful! May God give you a safe rest of the trip.

  2. Hi Grace,

    Reading all these posts makes me wish I could go over to Singapore and Malaysia with y’all some day!

    Hmmm….”octopus, squid, large prawns, and frog meat”…..that would be rather memorable! 😀

    Thanks for the update!


  3. Looks like a very exciting trip!!! Honestly the crwfish thing looks incredible. (Proably cause I am going up in a cajun home) 🙂 It really sounds like the Lord has been and is blessing your mission trip.
    In Christ,

  4. “On this side of the world, cars have the right-of-way, not people.” Oh yes, absolutely. It takes some getting used to if you’re used to the American way, and go to Asia, or vice versa. It’s so funny to see people from Asia dashing through four-way stops here in America, not thinking for a moment that the cars will stop for them. 🙂 I wouldn’t be surprised if my parents did that too when they first came over here from Taiwan.

    On the flip side, when we go to Taiwan, we need to remember that the cars won’t stop for us. 🙂

    Oh, yes, and the prawns… Do you eat them with or without the shell, and with or without the head?

  5. its a good thing u all got to the airport safely… last time when i was travelling on bus to the airport.. my luggage was in tht luggage compartment.. on the way to the airport on i curve.. all the luggage inside the compartment got tipped out.. no one notice till we got 2 the airport.. everyone was like where’s my luggage.. and i had 2 catch my flight.. so one of the passenger made a police report and all.. so thr was like no luggage 4 me 4 tht trip… and thk god when i came back.. the police got it.. and we got ur luggage bac… =)

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