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“Heart of Homeschooling” Conference in Lansing, MI

This weekend we spoke at the CHESS Heart of Homeschooling Conference here in Lansing.

Since it’s being held at the same location as the past two Bright Lights conferences, we didn’t have to tear down our booktable. That was a huge blessing. The Lord gave sufficient grace to “make it through” and all the people we met and spent time with were such an encouragement!
I just calculated how many sessions Sarah gave this past week. –Ninteen. 6 at the Strong in the Lord conference, 6 at the Radiant Purity Conference, and 7 at the Heart of Homeschooling Conference. (Others from our family were speaking with her in the last seven sessions.) Sometimes I’m amazed at how she just keeps going and going, and I know it’s the Lord who is giving her strength. Thanks to all of you who were praying!

Wow– we actually matched one day. We had to get a picture. 🙂

Sitting in the back of my mom and dad’s session on marriage this afternoon, I noticed a lot of “sniffing” in the audience… it seemed like the Lord was really working in hearts.

Although most of our Bright Lights leaders drove home yesterday, four girls stayed with us to help at the conference. I snapped these pictures of them this afternoon. Two of them were working… And two of them were sleeping… 🙂

“Preschool nap time” as Stephen called it. (I can’t believe they actually gave me permission to post that picture. 🙂 )

The four girls who were with us (Jolynn, Carolynn, Marie, and Karissa) were such a big help. They packed up the entire booktable while we were giving our last session. Because of their help, we got off a lot earlier than we expected. Yea! (Good thing they got that nap!)

Here is our new friend, Grant, holding the door as we were loading up. After the conference was over this evening, Grant quoted for us the book of Jonah (yes, the whole thing). He quoted it with such enthusiasm and expression, I wish you all could have heard it. He memorized it on his own initiative after their family read “Ten Peas in a Pod.”

Grant’s sisters, Haley and Lydia, are also ministry-minded young ladies! Haley quoted the book of Ruth for us, and Lydia quoted John 3. They often recite these to audiences, and it was encouraging to see their initiative and how the Lord is using their family!

Tonight we had a great time at the Martins house, the family who is hosting us. We sang around the piano, ate ice cream, and stayed up late playing “telephone charades” with their kids. It was a blast!


  1. H i Grace, I noticed you just posted. Wow I ussally find the site days after the post! It sounds like a really encouraging week!

  2. Looks like a wonderful conference! I can’t imagine giving that many sessions in one week….wow! Sarah is truly a beautifully gifted and talented woman! I just LOVE your blouse in that third picture….you are such a beautiful young woman, Grace!

  3. Wow!!! That sounds like a lot of notes to write! Writing notes takes me forever before my Bright Lights meeting. What an incredible week! It sounds very encouraging.


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