“Hast Thou No Scar?”

Last week I went to an Emmaus Bible College extension class that’s held on Monday nights at a nearby church. The topic was Daniel. I’ve just been reading Hebrews, and the comments made at the class pulled together some thoughts for me…

Imagine the pleasant surprise that awaited Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when they were thrown into the fiery furnace. Instead of feeling the flames, they found themselves in the presence of the Son of God! What incredible joy they must have felt. When King Nebuchadnezzar called them out, I wonder if they thought, “Aww…do we have too??!”

How often do we fear suffering for Jesus–when actually God richest blessings and joy fall on those who are “counted worthy to suffer for His Name”. (Acts 5:41) Paul expressed how he wanted to suffer with Christ so he could experience a closer fellowship with Jesus through it. (Phil 3:10)

This life is too short to live “comfortably” here on earth. Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses (Heb 11:1 – 12:1) who have gone before us and found God faithful (even in great trial), let’s embrace their same faith–knowing that we have the same God. And may any wound or scar we receive along the way be counted as an eternal treasure. (1 Peter 4:12-14)

“Hast Thou No Scar?”

Hast thou no scar?
No hidden scar on foot, or side or hand?
I hear thee sung as mighty in the land,
I hear them hail thy bright ascendent star
Hast thou no scar?

Hast thou no wound?
Yet I was wounded by the archers, spent,
Leaned me against a tree to die; and rent
By ravening beasts that encompassed me, I swooned;
Hast thou no wound?

No wound? No scar?
Yet, as the master shall the servant be
And pierced are the feet that follow Me;
But thine are whole: can he have followed far
Who has no wound nor scar?

Amy Carmichael,
Gold Cord: The Story of a Fellowship

Photo: Abby Kramer


  1. Grace, thank you so much for sharing this. That passage in Hebrews is truly beautiful, and I am greatly encouraged by Amy Carmichael’s life & testimony. I remember reading that poem for the first time and being greatly moved by it. I need to get her book ‘Gold Cord’; there are so many good ones!

    Also, thank you for *your* comment on my blog awhile back. You had tried the recipe I’d posted for the Cranberry cake. Well I meant to send you an email or leave you a comment thanking you, but your comment really blessed me so much that day. Thank you for your kindness!

    I appreciate your testimony and would love to meet you one day. The way you and your family just shares the love of Jesus everywhere you go, really tells me that I ought to be doing the same. I was hoping to see if we have some green paper around here that I could print up some of those tracks on St. Patrick. A couple years ago my sister got a book that was the true story of his life [Let me Die in Ireland] and really enjoyed it. I think that would be so excellent to share with people {the track}. Thanks so much!

    May you have a very blessed day!

    Ruth Ann

  2. Grace,

    Thank you so much for sharing. That is so encouraging and moving! One verse that has been very encouraging to me is: Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.” I find that such a reassuring and comforting promise! And then to know that God can use are scars for His glory and perfect purpose is really neat too!

    Thanks Again,

  3. What true, wonderful thoughts! Thank you for this reminder that our wounds and scars are eternal treasures– wow!! I needed that reminder today. God bless you!!

  4. Hello Grace!
    I was wondering if your family would be attending the Homeschool Day at the Capitol today and we missed seeing you so very much! Hopefully we will see you sometime soon!
    Do you know when the list of Bright Lights schedules will be posted? Thanks!
    Joyfully in Jesus, Elizabeth

  5. Hi Elizabeth,
    We really wanted to come to Homeschool Day at the Capitol but it didn’t work out this year. Hopefully next year! I heard it was packed, though! (Yeah! 🙂 )
    We will be posting our Bright Lights Conference schedule as soon as we get it figured out. It hasn’t completely fallen into place yet… but there are several possible options. Hopefully we’ll get things figured out within the next month. Thanks for asking!

  6. Hi Grace-
    This is a very nice post. I absolutely love the poem! It’s how the Christian life ought to be lived- no fear, just looking forward to serving and obeying.
    My Bright Lights group has been going great- the girls are visibly growing in the Lord, which is so great to see. Say hi to Sarah for me.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day~ 😉
    Ps- Just wondering- is your family coming to INCH in Lansing this year?

  7. I love the poem! Very thought-provoking. How did passing out tracks at the parade go this year? Brings back memories…I had such a good time last year. Looking forward to hearing about it! 🙂

  8. Hi Laura: No, we aren’t coming to INCH this year…hopefully we’ll be out your way again before too long, though!
    Hannah: We did pass out tracts, and guess what? God brought together a team of over 30 to do it with us! It was a great day. Yes–I’m planning on posting about it. 🙂

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