Galatians Weekend


Our friend Annie (in pink on right) hosted a Bible study weekend recently for girls ages 15 and up on Galatians and sent me this picture. She said the girls came prepared to share about what they learned from studying beforehand and that it was encouraging to hear the girls’ thoughts and insights. They also did this last October on the book of Ephesians.

Last time we ran one of these Bible study weekends in our area (our 1 Peter weekend), we were extremely blessed. If any of you would like to run a girls Bible study weekend in your area, I’d highly recommend it! Just pick a book of the Bible, have everyone study it beforehand, and be prepared to be blessed by the deeper fellowship you will enjoy as you dig into God’s Word together. Can you think of a better way to spend the weekend with friends?! [smile]

“I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts.” Psalm 119:63