Friends in Florida


Relaxing and talking with the Mostert Family.

Mr. Mostert has been a huge help to our family as he’s made lots of contacts for us…from arranging harp/chalk programs and Bright Lights conferences to meeting our lodging/food needs while we are in Florida.

About two years ago the Mostert family met a 19-year-old girl named Chelsea at a homeschooling event. They were immediately impressed with her radiant countenance and maturity. Since they had been looking for someone to lead a Bright Lights group in their area, they asked Chelsea if she would consider the idea.
God, who amazingly works all things together, had already laid a desire on Chelsea’s heart to start some kind of a discipleship ministry for younger girls, and she told them that she was interested.

In God’s plan, our family came to Florida around that time and needed a place to stay. Chelsea’s family graciously offered their home and we became good friends with their family (the Owens). Sarah and I explained about Bright Lights to Chelsea and not long afterwards, she started a Bright Lights group. The group has been going very well and we often hear good reports!


Our family eating dinner with the Owen Family in Clearwater, Florida


From left to right: Chelsea and Delaney Owen, Sarah, Jessica and Tara Allman

Sarah and I went to Starbucks one evening with Chelsea, her sister Delaney, and two older girls who help in their Bright Lights group, Jessica and Tara. Since we hadn’t finished talking when Starbucks closed, we moved to the bed of Chelsea’s truck. 🙂

Tara and Jessica Allman, Delaney and Chelsea Owen

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