We have had a few free days in Houston in between conferences. They have been fairly relaxing with many good times of fellowship. Our Radiant Purity conference here in Houston starts tomorrow. After that we have another week of conferences in the Dallas area and then we go home.

20130701_183200_21786 Some friends (the Moffitts) generously let us stay in their house for a few days while they were away.

20130701_123130_21757 Our computers and printer come in just about everywhere because there is always a lot of office work to keep up with.

20130702_095110_21794 Tuesday we spent several hours at NASA. It was pretty interesting.

20130702_101002_21795 In one of the buildings they have a Saturn V rocket.

20130702_154041_21799 After NASA we took a Ferry ride and watched the dolphins.

20130702_182232_21822 And then we had dinner and a 2 Corinthians study on the beach.

20130702_191359_21828 We have lots of “van time” on Bright Lights trips. They usually consist of sleeping, talking, or singing. On this particular van ride we decided we’d go around and everyone say one of your favorite verses and why you like it. It turned into many mini sermons [smile].

20130703_085317_21850 Yesterday we set up at the church for the conference this weekend.

20130701_181502_21783 Happy Birthday Natalie (left)! You’ve been a huge blessing on the team, and I’ve appreciated your sincere love for the Lord and others.


  1. Happy Birthday Natalie!! You’ve been a blessing to me…!
    (She was the one who got me interested in Bright Lights!)
    Looks like an amazing trip so far… Will be praying for you all!

  2. Looks like a wonderful time! Can’t wait until August when your in Michigan!

  3. It looks like you ladies are having fun. Our group will be keeping you in our prayers as you head out to your travels. Thanks again for everything you do! ~ Sarah

  4. Dear Grace Mally,
    Hi, my name is Joshua Venable. I read your ‘Will our Generation Speak’ book and I think it’s a great thing you’re sharing the Gospel. I too enjoy sharing the Gospel. As the owner the American Christian Agents, I make it a goal to share the Gospel. However, in the book, I noticed you used the word ‘witnessing’ a lot. The word ‘witnessing’ has a broad meaning. It could mean witnessing an airshow, a sports game or anything. I think ‘sharing the Gospel’ or ‘spreading the Word’ is more direct. The American Christian Agents organization is similar to your Bright Lights group but the A.C.A’s future goals is to help rescue those who are lost, help fight the crimes, and help those who are unable to help themselves.
    May God’s grace always abound with you,
    Joshua Venable
    Rom. 1:16 “for I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.”

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