Recently we have been finishing up the Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends Coloring Book. We have been retracing and fixing pictures and doing last minute touch-ups throughout the final draft.

Projects are always harder to finish than you think! You know how it is…there are always more improvements you could make, but eventually you just have to call it “done.” Tonight we kept rewording the text on the back cover…but I think we just finished it. *Finally!*


We’re thankful that finishing this coloring book is a whole lot easier than finishing Before You Meet Prince Charming was!
Yesterday afternoon, Stephen went through and did all the little games and puzzles we added 🙂 and checked to make sure that all the Scripture references were correct.

We just received an e-mail with a final draft of the cover from Jeremy Fisher, the graphic artist who designed the cover of our two previous books. This time I don’t think we have any more changes to send him! Amazing.


  1. Hi!:)

    We haven’t met before, but I’ve read Sarah’s book, ‘Before You Meet Prince Charming’ & want to read ‘Making Brothers & Sisters Best Friends’- You all are so encouraging… Keep up the good work!

    In Christian love,

  2. That’s so exciting to have the coloring book finally done. 🙂 Praying as always….

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